If you don’t yet know Toronto duo The Lookout Service, allow me to make an introduction. Together, Stergios Kalochoridis and Robert Ragazzo have managed to create a new spin on gritty indie rock with garage rock flair, resulting in a sound that is familiar yet uniquely their own. With only a few singles under their belt, they quickly managed to become known for their live shows across Toronto venues.

Their latest single, “Shut Me Out” is the song that caught our ears and turned us into new Lookout Service fans. It has a big sound for a two-man band, with heavy-hitting drums, driving guitar riffs, and strong vocals. But the real impact comes from the guys knowing exactly when to get quiet and when to get loud as hell. There’s a science to it, and they’ve absolutely nailed it. I’m looking forward to hearing more from them, and catching their live show once venues are open again.

Check out “Shut Me Out” by The Lookout Service on your preferred streaming platform below!