The weekend’s here, the sun is shining, and you need some killer new tunes to go with it. We’ve got you covered! Here are eight of the best new tracks that hit the FTS inbox this week.

The Dirty Nil – “Damage Control”

Let’s kick it off with the latest from one of our favourites. The Nil have just dropped their new single, “Damage Control” with an animated video that is a must-watch. We’ve had their latest album Fuck Art in steady rotation since it came out – if you haven’t heard it yet, put that on your list for today.

Pardoner – “Totally Evil System”

Here’s a high energy track from Pardoner – the song is a great mix of punk and garage rock, with some shoegaze vibes to create an overall killer package. I’d love to see this performed live, you can tell it’s one that gets a crowd moving.

J.J. Summer – “Sunday Best”

There’s a sultriness to this band’s sound that really helps make them stand out. This new song, “Sunday Best” is a cool indie rock jam with some psychedelic vibes that add some serious depth to it.

The Age Of Truth – “Salome”

This one’s for fans of Clutch, CoC and even old Soundgarden (listen closely, you’ll hear it). It’s “a potent mix of fuzz and diesel fuel”, and I’m diggin’ it a lot. Looking forward to hearing more from The Age of Truth.

Ida Maria – “Dirty Money”

This track from Ida Maria was a refreshing one for me, much-needed after a morning of listening to song submissions that would never fit on this site. “Dirty Money” has lots of energy, and a pop-punk feel with a gritty alt-rock spin. Turn this one up.

Highline – “Busy”

Here’s a great new track from Sydney, Australia four-piece, Highline. “Busy” is an indie rock track with a sultry slow jam appeal. In the last two minutes, the song becomes an impressive ode to guitar riffs. Worth checking out.

Ten Kills The Pack – “Dog Eared”

Toronto singer-songwriter Ten Kills The Pack has just released this lovely indie folk song, “Dog Eared”. This is a meaningful, reflective song, written based on a poem by Frank O’Hara called “Having A Coke With You.” 

Elephant Memoirs – “Ordinary Life”

The latest single from UK-based alt-rock band Elephant Memoirs has a bit of an indie alt-folk feel to it – it’s mellow enough to appeal to a wide audience, but with enough edge to be considered rock. Overall, a great tune!