In our neck of the woods, tomorrow is Mother’s Day – so if your mom is a fan of good tunes, this week’s 8 Tracks and mini reviews are for her! (But this doesn’t count as a gift, so please get her something. She seems cool, she deserves it.)

The Indiana Drones – “Good Times”

Let’s kick things off with something upbeat! Ontario band, The Indiana Drones just dropped this great new pop rock track – it’s catchy and memorable, alongside some fun riffs that’ll get ya dancing.

Cannon – “Hypnotised”

This one had both Nolan and I automatically tappin’ our toes along with it – it’s a fantastic fuzz-fueled indie rock tune from Australia’s Cannon. 

Laurel Canyon – “Two Times Emptiness”

Love the throwback feel of this latest from from Laurel Canyon. If you mixed The Strokes with the Byrds and the catchiness of early Beatles, this is likely the kind of sound you’d end up with.

Faces for Radio – “Never Going Back”

If you like the sounds of southern rock, catchy choruses, and guitar riffs, the new single from Faces for Radio is right up your alley. It’s got serious commercial viability – these guys are legit.

The Carbons – “Mama(n)”

This ones for the moms! From the band: “Recently we realized just how much responsibility mothers have. They are the emotional pillars of our society and carry the burdens that no one else can. Thank you for protecting our innocence.” And it’s a great song to boot. Yay moms!

Braden Foulkes – “Little Hell”

Listen to this one once, and you’ll likely be singing along the next time you hear it. If you like classic bluesy rock, or even the modern version of it (a la The Sheepdogs), you’ll dig this one. 

Better Swells – “Where There’s Smoke”

Here’s some great Canadian indie rock for you to check out – the latest from Better Swells features some fun guitar riffs, a soaring chorus, and catchy verses. Looking forward to hearing more from this band, they’re definitely on my radar now.

Civic In The Sun – “Fuel”

Here’s some grungy alt-rock that has some sonic nods to QOTSA and similar bands. “Fuel” is a song that deserves your attention – it certainly caught mine.