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If you don’t know them yet, LA Solution Center is a new musical collective developed by Vancouver musician Dan Ponich. With songs written and produced by Ponich, the music features a hand-picked rotation of artists – including the debut single, “My Piranha”. We caught up with Dan to chat about the new project, what made him stray from the usual band format, and what’s coming next.

From The Strait: Tell us about your debut single, “My Piranha” – what’s it about, and where did the inspiration come from?

Dan Ponich: The inspiration came from pondering where I’m at with life and being frustrated in not being where I thought I would be. When we’re younger, we are sometimes brought up to think that the world is your oyster and at some point there is a reality check where you wake up and realize not every door exists to be opened by you. I’m a go-getter, but this song is about coming to terms with that frustration.. and maybe whining about it a bit!

FTS: LA Solution Center is a project that features some killer collaborators and guests. What made you want to create something like this, instead of the usual band?

Dan Ponich: After my previous outfit parted ways, I decided to come to terms with the fact that I’m not made to be in band, and have a lot of respect for the bands that prosper long term. I’m a studio co-owner and music producer, so I have all the tools I need. I love just following my gut instinct and only having creative arguments with myself.

Artists (including myself) are high maintenance! Get more than one in a room and sometimes things go sideways. By going this route, I minimize dealing with people problems and maximize my creativity, while getting to invite musicians that I love and respect to come in and feature!

FTS: Who would you say are your biggest musical influences?

Dan Ponich: Anything Richard Aschcroft. Deltron 3030. Chevelle. Queens. Anything Damon Albarn. Spoon. Beck.

FTS: What’s coming up next for LA Solution Center? We’re ready for more tunes!

Dan Ponich: We have a plethora of singles coming out! October 2nd will be Hot Trotter, with more a more trip-hop flavour. November 6th will be God Could Be Afraid Of Us All, an over the top hype anthem and December 6th we will be dropping Hit A Nerve, another trip-hop based track featuring vocals from my lovely fiancée Megan Emanuel and a close family friend Andrew Porteous. A video release with all of these!

Check out the debut track from LA Solution Center, “My Piranha”!


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