Niagara’s own Heavy Hearts are back with new music – an upcoming LP and a brand new video for their single, “Vexed”. We caught up with Justin Glatt and Jamie Gorman to learn more about the new tunes, their most memorable shows, and advice they’d give to fellow Niagara musicians.

From The Strait: Tell us a bit about your new single, and the upcoming LP.

Heavy Hearts: Vexed is the heaviest song on the new record and is one of the first ideas that came together. It’s also one of the only demo ideas we brought to the studio that had a definitive start and finish. The upcoming LP is by far our best songwriting endeavour to date. We stepped outside of our comfort zone and pushed ourselves to try out new things and give all of the songs little intricacies that become noticeable with multiple listens.

FTS: What was your most memorable show to date? (Good, bad, ugly… any of ’em!)

Heavy Hearts: Best memorable show would be playing Germany at a community centre to a packed room of everyone screaming our songs back at us.

Worst memorable show… playing Quebec City to two people who were only there because they won tickets.

FTS: If you could play a show where the audience was filled solely with other bands & musicians, who would you want in attendance?

Heavy Hearts: The Beatles

FTS: As a Niagara band, you know the very specific positives and negatives to creating a band in this region. What advice would you give to new bands in the area?

Heavy Hearts: When you first start playing an instrument, find as many people as you can to network with. People who you connect with personally and musically. Let your band find a place in your community and try to build a following there before you branch out touring. Build yourself a strong foundation so that even if a tour is shit, you can count on the hometown show to be great.

Check out the video for their new single, “Vexed”!


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