Happy Halloween! In this week’s collection 8 tunes and mini-reviews, we’ve included a few spooky, creepy, Halloween-y tunes to celebrate the season. Enjoy!

Radicals – “eyes”

Heavy but heartfelt is the best way to describe this track. Enough energy to bring a house down, but lyrics and harmonies to hit you right in the feels.

The Blackwater Fever – “The Boogie Woogie”

The first of our Halloween- appropriate songs for this week’s collection – “The Boogie Woogie” features a fun yet spooky chorus, and deep, Mark Lanegan-esque vocals.

Shed Monkeys – “Ghost”

“Ghost” starts out as a dreamy indie rock track from Canadian band Shed Monkeys – then picks up with a bit a more garage rock spin. Check it out!

Pretty Hate Machine – “This House Is Alive”

Another song for the Halloween list with some Lanegan-esque vocals. Since he’s one of my favourite vocalists, it just makes sense! Here’s a fun tune from Pretty Hate Machine (mostly likely named for another all-time favourite of mine…). 

Black Pope – “Werewolf, Man”

Another fit for a Halloween edition of “8 Tracks”, here’s a tune from Ireland band, Black Pop – “Werewolf Man” is a spooky garage rock-y tune.

ACTORS – “Love U More”

Though it’s not really a Halloween song, I felt this gothic/ dark wave sound was perfect for this week’s list – check out this new track from Canadian band, Actors! 

Black Box – “Over It”

If you like Arctic Monkeys, chances are you’ll like this track by Black Box – “Over It” has a way of getting stuck in your head, in the best way possible. Give it a spin! 

Scenic Route to Alaska – “Time For Yourself”

We’ve got Scenic Route to Alaska back on FTS, this time with their new track “Time For Yourself”. Really diggin’ this one, it has a catchy chorus and an overall light and fuzzy sound.


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