Here’s your weekly round-up of eight new tracks and mini reviews. Turn ’em up & enjoy!

Mike Edel – “Giving Up On Giving In”

Here’s a great indie folk song from Canadian Mike Edel – great melodies, smooth vocals, and a powerful chorus.

Vangelism – “Sick”

Really diggin’ this new track from Canadian duo Vangelism – “Sick” is a driving rock tune, with a high energy chorus and is just overall damn likeable.

Krooked Tongue – “Different Breed”

Really dig this track from the UK’s Krooked Tongue – when the song gets heavier at each chorus, you can’t help but get into it. And the verses have a moody, appealing feel.

Local Nomad – “Snakechild”

The latest track from US band Local Nomad is a great mix of rock and pop, with a catchy chorus that had me chair-dancing. Great video, too! 

Balkun Brothers – “Here Comes the End of the World”

This track from Balkun Brothers was produced by Steve Albini (Nirvana, Iggy Pop, The Pixies) and mastered by Bill Skibbe (Jack White, The Black Keys). It’s a fast-paced, guitar driven tune, well worth a listen.

Hillsburn – “Waking Up”

This is some straight-ahead Canadian indie pop goodness – check out the latest track from Hillsburn. “Waking Up” is sure to put you in a better mood!

Nané – “Quaranteen”

Here’s an interesting song with a unique catchiness and, according to the artist, “three different vocal characters”. Very cool. Check it out!

Arrays – “No Way Out”

We’ve got another track from New Zealand artist JP Carroll’s project Arrays. A solid amount of heaviness in this one, but it’s accessible enough to work for a wide array (no pun intended) of audiences. Turn it up!


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