Happy Friday, folks! We’re back with eight new tunes to get you weekend-ready.

Jacqueline Tucci – “Sweeter Things”

Canadian indie rock artist Jacqueline Tucci is back with another great track – she manages to pair a serious topic with a lighthearted indie sound, which makes it likeable on many different levels. Give it a listen, and go check out more from her!

Kore – “Thunder”

Kore is a band from Germany with a new song that’s catchy, and has a great a chorus. Worth a listen – check out “Thunder”! 

Jeremy & the Harlequins – “Let’s Ride”

Brooklyn-based band Jeremy & The Harlequins have just dropped their latest single, “Let’s Ride’. Prepare to shake your butt to this one – it has elements of Bruce, Buddy, and a little Elvis. Costello, that is. Check it out!

LAIK – “Every Word”

This new indie pop/rock track from US-based LAIK is just so damn easy to listen to, I had it stuck in my head right away. Give it a listen, let us know what you think!

The Tisburys – “Walk Away”

Fast-paced, high energy garage rock sounds make “Walk Away” by The Tisburys a must-listen. If you like The Black Keys, Arcttic Monkey and Spoon, you just might dig this.

Rube and Rake – “Somewhere”

Newfoundland-based folk duo Rube & Rake have just released this new song, “Somewhere”. There’s such a great Canadian-ness to their sound, from the vocals to the strings. Have a listen!

Josh Who – “Let Go”

Here’s another Canadian for this week’s list, Josh Who – “Let Go” is all about driving guitars and vocal melodies. Simple and effective, and an overall great track.

Pinegrove – “Endless”

We’re ending this week’s collection with the new single from Pinegrove, “Endless”. The New Jersey group have issued a re-release of their hit album Marigold, with this track alongside it. Enjoy!


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