The weekend is just about here, so we’re getting you ready with a killer list of new tunes for your earholes. Check out this week’s 8 Tracks collection!

Mattie Leon – “All The Time”

Let’s start off this week with our pal, Mattie Leon – he never fails to create wonderful, emotive songs with a whole lotta heart. And “All The Time” is no exception. Give it a listen, and be sure to check out the rest of his discography. You won’t be disappointed.

Civic Green – “There Is Always A Light”

This right here is an infectious, upbeat indie rock tune. It’s the debut track from UK band, “Civic Green”. Turn it up, and check it out!

The Brummies – “Sunshine”

It’s hard not to like this new track by The Brummies – “Sunshine” is some upbeat indie rock, and the video with it is just damn delightful. Give it a watch!

Harpers – “By And By”

Another fun one for the list – Harpers’ latest song features great harmonies and blustering guitars. It’s a feel good track, well worth a listen! 

Street Pharmacy with Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad – “They Don’t Give A $$$$”

In this track, Niagara local Street Pharmacy have teamed up with Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad from Rochester NY to mix their genres and created a song about the world right now and the neverending crises of 2020. Give it a listen!

The Rare Occasions – “Set It Right”

If you like indie rock, this might just be your new favourite jam. It’s a damn good song, and the video is worth a watch as well – I can barely ride a regular bicycle, nevermind riding a unicycle while playing an instrument. Geez.

Long Range Hustle – “Dead Plants”

Toronto’s own Long Range Hustle are back with a brand new tune, “Dead Plants”. If you don’t know them yet, here’s your much-needed intro – they mix alternative, folk and indie to create some damn great music.

Feral Vices – “Eat Me Alive”

“Eat Me Alive” is a rock tune. Seriously big sound from a two-piece, with great guitar riffs and a killer drum beat. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Feral Vices.


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