The weekend is upon us, and you need some kickass music to accompany it. We’ve got ya covered with this week’s 8 Tracks – check out these tunes and mini reviews.

Hollow Graves – “Tequila Sunrise”

We’re kicking things off with a Canadian band, Hollow Graves – their new single “Hollow Graves” has such a great groove, and I’m a big fan of these vocals.

Venus Furs – “Paranoia”

“Paranoia” is the latest track from another Canadian act, Venus Furs. The song and video deal with the isolation brought on by depression and anxiety – the song itself is swirling and genre-bending.

Nova Cult – “Head”

Nova Cult’s new track has a killer groove, fuzzy vocals, and some standout guitar riffs – this song is worth a listen or 10. 

Evran – “Your Presence Is Haunting”

Fans of Radiohead might dig this artist, and his latest track, “Your Presence is Haunting”. It’s a slow, haunting piece that deserves full attention and high volumes. Check it out.

Romans – “Seven”

“Seven” by Romans has been making the rounds on TV shows (Hightown, Shameless, Degrassi, etc…). It’s a head-boppin’, accessible rock tune that you just might recognize.

Matt Boroff (feat. Mark Lanegan) – “Thirst”

As a fan of Mark Lanegan, I’ll admit that his name is what first drew me to this song – but a few seconds in, I became a fan of Matt Boroff, too. We wouldn’t normally feature a song that was released years ago, but when it was submitted a few days back I knew I had to share it. Check it out.

Shred Kelly – “Looking For”

Here’s a perfect tune as we head into July. A feel-good, poppy garage rock track – great summer song from Shred Kelly! 

Sheenah Ko – “Bialystok”

Sheenah Ko just released the 3rd single from her album, Nowhere In Time. Give “Bialystok” a listen, and then go check out our previous Q&A with Sheenah!


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