Now’s a good time to take a break from the Tiger King memes (damn it, Carol Baskin!), instructional hand-washing diagrams, and planning the shortest way from the couch to the fridge. We’ve got eight songs worth your attention, so go ahead and give ’em a listen… and then you can go back to your isolation activities. Or inactivity, if you prefer!

Blinker The Star – “Only To Run Wild”

We’ve got Blinker the Star back on FTS with the second advance single to be released from forthcoming album, Juvenile Universe. This track features fantastic harmonies, and a killer chorus. Check it out!

Sallies – “Driftwood”

Here we have Sallies with a catchy chorus & simple verses – accessible punk at its best!  “Driftwood” is the first single from their upcoming album, More of the Same.

Cheap TV – “Mutually Assured Destruction”

This is a new track from Cheap TV’s Flowers of Hyde Park album. This has a great classic rock meets 90’s vibe to it, with the bass really shining through make it a groovy tune. Bonus – guitar solo at the end by David Kushner of Velvet Revolver.

Silvertone Hills – “Reaction”

Silvertone Hills offer up some great alt rock with this song – it’s upbeat, and gritty enough to keep it interesting. Great vocals. Sounds like a band I’d like to see live, and we look forward to hearing more from them.

The Happy Face Riot – “The Riches Game”

The Happy Face Riot were going to wait to release “The Riches Game” but, in their words, “with the world currently turning upside down, we needed something to yell to”. This is awesome alt-rock, with a great mix of vocals. Lots of twist and turns in this track!

Fransancisco – “What Happens Now”

There’s such a fantastic simplicity in Fransancisco’s new single, “What Happens Now”. It reminded me of Local Natives (in the best way possible). Great vocals, great guitar, great overall tune.

Julian Taylor – “The Ridge”

Toronto-based singer/songwriter Julian Taylor has put together eight deeply intimate songs that comprise his new solo offering, The Ridge. This song boasts fantastic vocals, a great melody, and brings classic folk back with a modern twist.

Roots Asylum – “80’s Hair Bands”

Here’s a song about growing up in the 80s from underground Americana/indie band, Roots Asylum. They’re all about creating “good time” music, and right now there sure seems to be a need for exactly that!


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