8 Tracks

Welcome to the weekend! We’ve got a stellar list of tunes to share (as always), give ’em all a listen and find new favourites for your earholes.

Sleepshake – “Medicine”

Let’s kick it off with this very cool new track from this Canadian group whose members met on a dating app. According to their PR: “Vividly electrifying new single, “Medicine,” is about the desperate need for stable emotional stimulation.” 

In A Bag – “Original Sin”

Here’s the first single from a stellar Canadian band, In A Bag – it’s a great slow burn, turning up the intensity in the chorus. They are definitely one to watch! From the band: “It all revolves around the idea of human urges and how giving into them can sometimes be constructive. When you’re having trouble keeping yourself afloat, sometimes you just need something visceral or physical.”

Harm & Ease – “Cut Me Loose”

Cool song with a great video to go along with it. It’s a kickass alt-rock track with some bluesy vibes to it. From the band: “The song is a modern hard rock blues number, and lyrics depict themes of love and betreyal, about a love that once was but has now been “Cut Loose”. A theme that we can all understand.”

Fjord Mustang – “Five Years”

Here’s the debut single from Toronto band, Fjord Mustang. It has a great dreamy pop / indie rock sound, and I’m looking forward to hearing what they put out next. From the band: “This is a song about the hesitation of finding your own voice and confidence to speak up. It’s difficult, but if you do the hard thing, you won’t be haunted with regret years later.”

Clwb Fuzz – “God (Let You Lose)”

 A fuzzy garage rock track with solid guitar riffs and a memorable chorus. According to the band, this is “a politically charged and portentous piece of fuzz-laden post-punk that gets more pertinent as the days tick away.” 

A Weekend At Ramona’s – “Indie Movie”

Another Toronto band for this week’s list – here’s an energetic track from A Weekend at Ramona’s. It’s a fun one, with a mix of indie rock/alt rock, and a bit of punk. From the band: “Indie Movie” is a blend of Indie Rock, Alternative and a touch of some Emo influences. It’s fast, fun and will be sure to get you moving!”

Tor Miller – “Generation of Me”

Here’s a fun new track from Tor Miller – it’s a great an indie rock track with enough poppiness to get ya boppin’ along with it. From the artist’s PR: “a punchy, fast-paced barrage of densely packed lyrics, listing out the pitfalls of Miller’s generation, but with a tongue-in-cheek attitude of “you have to love it to hate it.”

The Minimum Wage – “Wet Cigarette”

We’ve got a brand spankin’ new track from the dudes of The Minimum Wage. This one is a favourite of mine, and it gets stuck in my head regularly. From the band: “Wet Cigarette is a song about ending relationships…Specifically how bitterness, anger and hatred can  all too quickly ignite with just a spark… The vibe of Wet Cigarette can be best summed up with the chorus lyric “This love – forget all the traces”.”