8 Tracks

It’s the last weekend in August, so let’s close out the month with some kickass mini-reviews and new tunes for your earholes.

Bury My Heart – “Bury My Heart”

Bury My Heart is a new band I’m pretty excited about. Mike Levy (aka Billy Edwin) and Kevin Ruggeri are delivering some fast, impactful punk tunes with this project – starting off with lead single, appropriately named “Bury My Heart”. Give it a listen, and keep an eye out for more!

Sincerely, Iris – “It’s Coming Back To Get You Now”

There’s a great 90s throwback to this one, while also reminding me of some of the current garage rock bands we dig. From the artist: “The past year or so has really shown the good and bad parts of human nature. It might not be up to us to fix other people. Instead of heading to social media to try to fix the problem, sometimes karma takes care of that kind of thing. This song is about that.

The Breaks Inc. – “Coolidge (These Old Friends of Mine)”

Definite Oasis vibes with this track – but the throwback feel has me missing the 90s (which I often do). I’ll share the band’s words, because they put it best: “This song is for all of those times you’ve had to burn a bridge, or cut off an ex-friend (or several). It’s the type of song that plays during a fight scene in a Seth Rogen comedy. I wrote it after I decided several of the people in my life shouldn’t be there any more. They do nothing but drag you down, so why let them stick around?” Damn right. Now turn it up, and dig it!

Over Cliffs – “Samba”

Something a little different, but with lots of alt-rock appeal. “A winding triplet groove juxtaposed with an anthemic, sing-along chord progression, the music matches the lyrics; jagged edges shouldn’t fit but mesh together perfectly.” Check out the latest from Ireland’s own Over Cliffs!

Lyras – “Paradise”

Really cool song – unique sound, gorgeous vocals, this is definitely something different than we tend to post. It’s an interesting alt R&B sound that really drew me in and makes me want to hear more. Let us know what you think!

WHIT3 COLLR – “Sunset Cruisin'”

Holy energy on this track! And if something sounds familiar, there’s a good reason for that – “the bold harmonizing guitar solo is reminiscent of Mötley Cruë’s “Kickstart My Heart” with a more melodic, mainstream approach.” There’s a great throwback rock feel to this one, and it reminds of a lot of the songs I grew up listening to.

Montgomery – “Better Now”

Love the energy of this one – it’s catchy as hell, upbeat and still rocks. “This song is about feeling down during the summer and wasting it inside, which is such a shame when you are from the north and summer is so short.” Check out the latest from the Toronto band!

North Reign – “Drag Me Down”

Canadian band North Reign just dropped this great rock track, “Drag Me Down”. It’s slick, catchy, and and the drums and guitar riffs add just the right amount of edge to it.