8 Tracks

It’s the last long weekend of summer, so you’d better make the most of it – here’s a list of eight new tracks and mini-reviews to help ease that September anxiety.

Paola House – “Dark Desires”

If you like The National, you just might like this new song from Paola House – great indie pop vibes and fantastic melodies. From the band: “The narrative of this song explores a relationship between two people who have exited the prime of their youth, and finding it hard to come to terms with life choices that have consistently left them in undesirable circumstances.

Raised on TV – “Helium”

If you took The Strokes but added a bit of Death Cab softness to it, you just might get the latest track from Raised on TV. For this new single, “Helium” they “wanted to get gritty, & go for a garage rock sound that was at the root of our band”. Goal achieved!

Stickman – “Listening”

This song is a bit grungy, and a bit hard rock from the 90s (which is always good). There’s a familiarity to it, which is said to be an important factor when people connect to new song. The band says this song is written about “how easily people are manipulated into thinking a certain way by online and media influences, among others”.

Multi Ultra – “Uptight”

This next song is a catchy one, mixing pop punk and garage rock sounds. It’s Multi Ultra’s thirds single, and starts as a “jagged groove that explodes into a singalong chorus worthy of any mosh-pit”.

Wes Hoffman – “Something to Live For”

Here’s something upbeat and happy, perfect for your weekend playlist. You’re sure to move to it – so tap those feet, nod that head, dance around your living room… whatever works. Turn it up!

Motoclub – “Champion”

This song reminded me a bit of an edgier, early Arkells song. Listen to it once, and this one will get stuck in your head. From the band: “Empowerment was our motivation for writing “Champion”, a song born out of need rather than desire. To overcome obstacles and move forward with strength is the backbone of Motoclub.”

June Body – “Flickering”

If you’re a fan of Pedro the Lion and/or Death Cab for Cutie, you just might be a fan of this new track from June Body. “Flickering” is the first single ahead of their next full length album, out this October 1st. Check it out!

Walter Parks & The Unlawful Assembly – “Wade in the Water”

Can’t help but love the gritty southern blues on this track, and the gravelly male vocals paired with female vocals are just amazing. This new song “calls upon the veteran musician’s North Florida roots, with a gnarly and swampy electric guitar style that tromps through Steven Williams’ inarguable groove of sluggish mud. It’s a must-listen.