Our 8 Tracks feature is back up this week with some serious heavy hitters. Ready to find your new favourite?

Victorian Death Photos – “Radium Girls”

This is just such a cool song – I have no fancy words to describe it, it’s honestly just cool as hell and I love it. It’s vibe-y, sexy, groovy, and badass, and I can’t wait to hear more from Victorian Death Photos.

Keegan Powell – “Hang At My House”

“Hang At My House” is indie rock at its best – there’s a great energy to this one, which makes sense since it was inspired by “the feeling of simultaneously falling in love and out of control”.

Paragon Cause – “Play Me”

We’re always glad to have Paragon Cause grace the pages of FTS! Their latest single is a great mix of pop-rock, 90’s shoegaze and alternative. Love the way the fuzz mixes with the vocals.

Saint Free – “My Country”

From the first note of this track, it had me. It’s perfectly described as “fire and brimstone from the heart of America, a grass roots-punk song to inspire foot stomping bar fighting wrapped in an alternative rock radio sheen.” Foot stomping indeed, and incredibly infectious – I’d love to see this one live.

Silent Attic – “Again”

A great indie pop track that sounds familiar, but new & different at the same time – bop your head to this one, then check out more from Silent Attic.

The Dill – “Lover Baby”

First of all… who doesn’t love watching a monkey man dance around the city? That alone is a good reason to watch this video. But the song itself is another great reason – The Dil brings stellar indie rock as always with “Lover Baby”, off of his LP Beside.

Beige Banquet – “AWAKE”

This right here is a post-punk bop with a “Devo-esque and drum-machine-driven style”. This takes me back to some of the best parts of the 80s, in a great way. Turn it up, and dance around your living room!

Huron Lines – “Lonely Lover”

It seems we just can’t get enough of Huron Lines! Here’s their latest track, “Lonely Lover” – there’s a very cool grittiness to this one, the vocals are raw and the backup vocals really round out the melody. Check it out, then go read our recent Q&A with the band!