This week, we’ve got a little something everyone! Well, maybe not everyone. If your great-aunt Mabel only listens to classic showtunes, this probably isn’t for her. (Sorry, Mabel.) But the rest of you, give these eight new tunes a listen.

Kyle McKearney – “Tough or Die”

Here’s a fantastic folk roots / Americana song, about the artist’s “upbringing and journey through life as an indigenous person, and musician that grew up in a broken home.” The vocals floored me, and overall it’s such a great track.

Rival Karma – “Honey”

This track comes to us from Rival Karma, a self-described “Ninja Rock” duo from London. “Honey” is punchy, upbeat, and incredibly catchy.

Unpheromones – “Brace Yourself”

A slow-burn that reminds me of some solid 90s alt rock. When the energy really hits, even more so. So if you like the 90s like I do, this is one you’ll definitely need to check out.

New Whales – “Hope We’re Still In Love”

Here’s a great indie alt-rock song for the summer. Catchy and fun, but still rocks. A little poppy, a little indie, and really infectious. In their own words, “jangly guitars, warm, fuzzy bass, and a band that is obviously enjoying each others company”.

Troubled Traveller – “People Gotta Dance”

Very cool groove to this one. With some Homme-esque low vocals, and the addition of horns, its unique sound stood out to me the first time I heard it. Give it a listen!

The New Twentys – “Dancing On A Sunday”

Here’s a great new song from a fantastic London band that we’re really digging. Instead of my usual two cents about a tune, I’m just going to share their description of the song to give you the full picture: “This song came about with a random encounter with comedian Jimmy Carr, he said to us “all these girls are doing tracks like ‘I kissed a girl and I liked it’ but no guys have come out with ‘I can’t think straight when I’m with you’…you can have that for free.”  We then took this concept and wrote a song about a homosexual boy who grew up in a religious household and how it, wrongly, complicated his upbringing.

Ocie Elliott – “Wait For You”

Slowing things down here, with a song that is just as beautiful as it is emotive. Folk duo Ocie Elliott’s new track is from their upcoming EP A Place, out August 27th.

Ferraro – “As Far As I’ve Come”

Y’know we love our indie rock here, so of course we had to share the stellar new track from Ferraro. This song is perfect for summer – a solid indie bop that’ll get you moving.