A long weekend may not feel that different from any other weekend these days, but maybe this stellar collection of songs will help out. Check out the mini reviews, give the tunes a listen, and add your favourites to your long weekend playlist!

Losers – “Wake Up”

Starting things off with with “Wake Up”, a new track by Losers. It was the vocals on this song that first grabbed my attention, then the general vibe of it struck me and I was hooked. It’s very cool, with an intense build to a catchy chorus. Put this one on repeat!

Colour Tongues – “Fire”

This song hooked me as soon as the chorus hit – I’m really liking the latest single by Colour Tongues. It’s some stellar indie pop rock with a punchiness that makes you wanna hear more.

Moon Fever – “Payphone Blues”

If you’re a fan of Cage the Elephant, you’re gonna want to check out Moon Fever and their latest track, “Payphone Blues”. It’s seriously solid indie rock that hits hard, the kinda song you want to blast on repeat while driving around on a summer day. 

Sn0wcrash – “Furniture”

I loved this song immediately – but rather than tell you why, I prefer to share their own words about the song: “It’s a driving indie rock track that tries to capture that feeling you get when you wanna smash all the plates in your dishwasher and go live in the forest.” Yup. That. Exactly.

Nick Ferrio – “Television of Roses”

Here’s a new track from Canadian artist Nick Ferrio – “Television of Roses” is about “the light that flickers before your eyes and convinces you otherwise”. It’s a great indie rock track that reminds me of some of the best Canadian indie from the 90s, but with some modern nods. If you like Joel Plaskett (and you should), this is right up your alley.

FXRRVST – “Floorboards”

We’ve got Canadian-Australian duo FXRRVST back on FTS, this time with their latest track “Floorboards”. This one stays true to their indie pop sound, with beautiful vocals and lovely melodies. The video’s story really builds, so make sure you watch til the end!

Midnight Vesta – “Everyone Sleeps”

Though I’m late to share this on here, we’ve actually been listening to this song since it came out on Mother’s Day. I may or may not have cried a bit when I heard for the first time, and you just might too. It’s such a fantastic song, and the lyrics really hit. Check out the latest from Midnight Vesta, “Everyone Sleeps”.

Foolproof – “The Wake”

To round out this week’s list, we’ve got last year’s 97.7 RockSearch winners, Foolproof. They’ve just dropped their latest single, “The Wake”, and this one’s a catchy alt-rock track with a gritty – and fitting – accompanying video. Give it a watch, turn it the hell up! (And hey, locals – recognize the bathroom?)