In this week’s collection, we’re featuring artists from across Canada, the US, and even Iceland. Plus – a couple of killer acts from right here in Niagara that you need to hear. Turn up your speakers, and dive right in!

SideCornerWay – “She Tells Me (Cliche)”

I really enjoyed this track from SidecornerWay, a band of two brothers creating some very cool alt rock. There’s an emotive darkness to this track, which is fitting since the subject matter is cliche break-up phrases, and understanding timing between two people.

Brendan Scott Friel – “Summer Moons”

Here’s a lovely indie folk track from Canadian artist Brendan Scott Friel. His soft vocals pair beautifully with the poppy beat for an overall uplifting vibe.

Limón Limón – “Attention”

This is a seriously infectious song; it’s pop rock at its best. Limón Limón always have a knack for creating songs that are so upbeat and uplifting, you’ve gotta get up out of your seat and move your ass a bit. 

Daníel Hjálmtýsson – “Colouring A Cloud”

At first listen, the vocals on this fantastic track reminded me of one of my favourites, Mark Lanegan. So it’s only fitting that it came to me alongside a quote from the singer: “Daníel Hjálmtýsson plays icy neo-goth music which brings to mind the forbidding landscape of his native Iceland.” – Mark Lanegan” The song is also mixed and mastered by the legendary Alain Johannes, so with these names backing it, you already know it’s going to be great. But give it a proper listen. Trust me.

Foster Europe Band – “Heart on Eight”

This song was pitched as “Black Keys meets Ray Lamontagne”, and I definitely hear that. This single has a great classic rock sound, with some blues-y vibes, stellar vocals, and kickass guitar riffs. A must-listen!

Alex Beraldo – “Southern Heat”

Canadian artist Alex Beraldo just dropped a new song that I can’t help but love. It’s got a beautiful simplicity, but that makes the lyrics even more impactful. For fans of Americana and solid singer-songwriters (not dissimilar to one our favourites who recently passed, Justin Townes Earle), it’s definitely worth a listen.

Years of the Modern – “Silver Spire”

Here’s the debut track from some local pals of ours, Years of the Modern – it’s a kickass bedroom synth-pop banger by a few folks you may recognize: Amanda Lynn Parker (who we’ve had the pleasure of filming back when we could still see people), plus Lauren Leprich and Jay Edonel of The Weather Wild. Give it a listen, and stay tuned for more from them!

Sleepy Jean – “Smaller”

Adding more Niagara talent to today’s list, next up we’ve got Sleepy Jean’s first single from her debut EP. “Smaller” is a gorgeous folk offering with a nostalgic feel, reminiscent of the acoustic guitar-slinging singer-songwriters of the 60s. Give it a listen, and prepare to feel some feelings.