On this week’s list we’re bringing you some new grunge, indie rock, post punk, alt-pop… and a Muppets cover. Intrigued? Here’s the latest 8 Tracks collection for your earholes!

Over Motion – “Parking Lot”

Let’s kick off this week’s list with an energetic track from Over Motion – this is the second song from this solo artist’s 4-track EP, and all of the vocals and instruments were performed by him alone. Pretty damn impressive.

Gabe Wolf – “Alone”

Gabe Wolf is a self-produced artist who writes, mixes, and masters everything himself. His latest track has some grunge influence, and brings to mind the best of 2000s alt rock.

The Tell – “Clap Clap”

“Clap Clap” is the debut single from The Tell, a new project from Noah Dickie (Coastwest Unrest) and James McAlister (Taylor Swift, Sufjan Stevens). It’s a really solid indie rock track with some great unique elements that makes it stand out all on its own.

Desperate Journalist – “Fault”

Here’s some post-punk sounds for this week’s list – Desperate Journalist is a band from the UK, and their latest single is a solid one. The percussive bassline drives the song, while the singer lays all emotion out on the table with her impressive range and well-timed howls. 

Samuel Mason feat. SHPSH – “Honey I’m Honest”

There’s definitely an early-2000s alternative pop rock sound to this one, with a slight 90s indie twist – and that kind of mix is pretty great. Check out “Honey I’m Honest”, and tell us what you think!

Kyle Cox – “Rainbow Connection” (Muppets Cover)

“Rainbow Connection” is a favourite song of mine…. those who know me know this well. And over the years, I’ve heard many different versions of it. Usually I am not a fan, because you really can’t mess with the original. Kermit is a tough act to cover. But this one by Kyle Cox captured the feeling of the song, and really did it justice.

Vela Rosa – “Right In Front Of Me”

There’s a great vintage feel to this song by Vela Rosa – a throwback to the 70s with a modern twist that you wouldn’t expect from a group so young. But give it a listen, and get this Edmonton group on your radar! 

Silverstein – “Bankrupt”

Silverstein are back with a brand new single – “Bankrupt” shows the band’s heavier punk roots, and was written and recorded during lockdown. Give it a listen (turned up loud, for best results), and then go read our interview with the band from last February.