Your next batch of new (and not so new) tunes is ready for your listening pleasure. We’ve got great bands from all over, so give ’em a listen and let us know which you dig most!

The Sweet Kill – “Down In Flames”

The Sweet Kill is a one-man dark pop synth project from singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Pete Mills. Recent single, “Down In Flames” is all about revenge, and the impact off 9/11, though Pete was living in Canada at the time.

Sean Aston MacTaggart – “Every Little Brunette”

Canadian singer-songwriter Sean Aston MacTaggart’s single “Every Little Brunette” is a tune he’d been writing since he was seventeen.  He then recorded it to a tape machine in one take, and now you all get to enjoy it – check it out!

Horror My Friend – “Dopamine Waster”

Australian-based band Horror My Friend is just about to embark on a Canadian tour along with DZ Deathrays and Hockey Dad. We’re digging this single called “Dopamine Waster”, a quick three-minute burst, touching on mental illness and anxiety.

Leeroy Stagger – “Mother”

Leeroy Stagger is back on FTS! This time with his latest single, “Mother”,
from his album Strange Path. Have a listen, and watch the video featuring lot of great mothers!

Baildsa – “Ne Znam”

This single may be a couple of years old, we wanted to share the song from Baildsa, an alternative band from Greece. It’s different than most of what we post, but we think it’ll grab you!

Of Montreal – “Polyaneurism”

First of all, as dog lovers, how could we not post this video? Come on! But secondly, it’s a great tune from Of Montreal – check out Polyaneurism, a song full of boundless, shimmering, glam guitars and agitated pop melodies.

Leopard Rays – “Moon”

This new single from UK indie rock band Leopard Rays grabbed me right away – great guitar riffs match well with the vocals, and overall it’s just a solid tune. Looking forward to hearing more from them!

Static Cycle – “Boxes”

Static Cycle’s latest music has been a long time coming, due to legal issues with former members and a band re-vamp. But they’re back, with a new single, “Boxes”. Have a listen to what the new lineup has to offer!


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