Just in time for the Christmas, we’ve got great some tunes for your earholes. In this collection, we’ve added three holiday songs to get in you in the seasonal spirit (but if you’re looking for more, go follow our Holly Jolly Jerks playlist!)

The Dirty Nil – “Christmas At My House”

We’re kicking off the list with the latest from The Nil – a Christmas song you’re sure to dig. In the words of frontman Luke Bentham, “celebrate Yuletide with a proper stomper.” Darn right.

Ola Kiermacz & Brooke Georgeneau – “On That Star”

Niagara singer-songwriter Ola Kiermacz enlisted fellow local singer Brooke Georgeneau to take vocal lead in her latest Christmas song, “On That Star”. Have a listen, then head over to the Bandcamp page, because every penny from the purchase of this song goes straight to Start Me Up Niagara’s Out Of The Cold program. ‘Tis the season to give back, folks!

Revenge of the Egg People – “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!”

The last holiday song on our list is a bit of a throwback. Revenge of the Egg People were a local band here in Niagara (can we get a reunion?!), and they put out a bunch of Christmas tunes. Here’s one of them, but you can find the rest on Spotify!

The Jab – “Riot”

Next up we’ve got the lead single from The Jab’s upcoming debut album. Have a listen to “Riot”, and keep an eye out for Consume – we have a feeling it’ll be full of killer indie rock tracks.

Nikolaj Grandjean – “Seven Wild Horses”

Danish singer-songwriter Nikolaj Grandjean just released the first title track from his upcoming EP, Seven Wild Horses. It’s a song about finding your soulmate, and the complications that come with a relationship that deep. It’s a great indie rock track with folky vibes!

The Elevens – “Infinities”

Here’s another great indie rock tune, this time from The Elevens. “Infinities” is a “spacey indie rock song about the connection between two unified souls, minds, and bodies”. Killer groove to this one!

Elephant Stone – “Land of Dead”

Montreal’s Elephant Stone is a Polaris Music Prize-nominated psyche-pop project. Here’s their latest track, “Land Of Dead” – it’s meant to be played loud enough that the neighbours complain. (You can apologize to them after.)

Marella – “First Time”

Here’s a brand new song from solo artist, Marella – not only did he write the song, he also played each of the instruments. A self-taught musician, this is an impressive offering for his first EP. Check it out!


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