On this week’s 8 Tracks feature, we’ve got an all-Canadian list once again! Check out this handful of great Canuck tunes.

SMO – “I Know”

Sex Machine Octopus (or SMO) is a band from Montreal, straddling (mind the pun) the line between alternative rock and indie folk. The new single “I Know” is a catchy track from their brand new album Plastic Scenes, released this week.

Joseph of Mercury – “Pretenders”

It seems like blasphemy, but when the vocals started the first time I heard this song, I was automatically reminded of Bowie. The style is definitely influenced by him, but upon further listening you can hear a lot of classic influences, with a modern twist. Have a listen – let me know who you hear!

Revive the Rose – “Come A Little Closer”

A little Niagara love on today’s post, we’ve got a new video from Welland boys, Revive the Rose! Fun Fact – this past spring we filmed a great “This or That” interview with frontman Andy Colonico while he went mute for a month (he wrote his answers on a white board)… but the lighting went wonky, and we couldn’t share it! So instead, watch him and the rest of the band in their brand new video.

quietype – “Caroline”

Toronto trio quietype just dropped a smooth, r&b/rock single, “Caroline”. A tune from their forthcoming EP, it’s about a fractured relationship beyond repair. Serious groove to this one!

Donovan Woods – “Way Way Back”

At FTS, we love us some Donovan Woods. This single, “Way Way Back” dropped in September (yes, “way way back” then), but we’re sharing it now in case you missed out. It’s about “the risky excitement of something new and the ease of something familiar”.

Francine Honey – “Red Sky”

If you’re looking for an Americana/ Bluegrass fix, this song from Francine Honey is right up your alley. The international award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter brings us a song that is gritty, yet dreamy, with her own unique take on the folk/country genres. Have a listen to “Red Sky”.

Golden Cinema – “Peachy Keen”

PEI’s Golden Cinema is a three-piece power pop band with moody grooves and bouncy rhythms. Their new single “Peachy Keen” is from their EP of the same name, offering cool guitar chimes and a catchy beat.

The Darcys – “Melodramatic”

Another FTS favourite, The Darcys are back with a brand new single, “Melodramatic”. This follow up to the summer’s “Better Days” has a bold pop punch, and the ever-present catchiness that is synonymous with The Darcys music. Have a listen, but be warned – dancing is imminent!


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