8 Tracks

Let’s kickstart October with some of the best new songs out right now. We’ve got eight stellar tracks from familiar favourites and new names. Check out the mini-reviews, read some words from the artists, then get these singles in your earholes!

Bury My Heart – “Saint Nine”

Killer energy to this skate punk-style track from Bury My Heart. Their brand new EP just dropped this past month, and is well worth a listen for punk fans of all styles. From the Band: “The second Bury My Heart EP titled No Decency, is slated for release on all the streamers on September 22, 2022 with the first single, Saint IX showing up a week early as a preview. Saint IX is a tribute to the most hardcore punk scene that I’ve ever known, in all the best and worst ways. It was a venue, a band, a compound, a home, an orphanage, a safe harbor for people at odds with authority and so much more. The most recent EP include other songs with mostly pointy attacks on some of the absurdism and tension we see intersecting around us on social media, within political polarization and a firm recommitment to and celebration of the hardcore punk rock roots that got us here.”

Waste Youth – “BFF”

Noisy, raw, grungy punk is up next from Canadian band Waste Youth, and their first new single in three years. From the Band: “BFF is a loud, quick, chaotic and energic punk rock song about having an anxiety attack after smoking weed. With witty lyrics, pounding drums and a super fuzzed out bass BFF is modern punk music.”

Slightest Clue – “Look At The Way She Goes”

Always happy to see a new single from these guys, and this latest one is super compelling – the verses have an almost Hotel Mira vibe to them (which is a huge compliment from us at FTS), and the chorus has killer energy and vibe. From The Band: “Using a formula that is now textbook for Vancouver-based alt-rock group Slightest Clue, “Look At The Way She Goes” blends gritty post-punk stylings with sparkling pop sensibility. The band has nearly 20 gigs in the past year, and can’t help but draw from the propulsion of their live set. No longer just the bedroom project of co-frontman Malcolm McLaren, the Slightest Clue blossoms – and eventually bursts – in the frenetic world that is their debut EP, Twin Silver.”

Julian Taylor – “Opening The Sky”

A beautiful and heartfelt new single from Julian Taylor, written for his daughter. As you’d expect from this wonderfully talented artist, it evokes so much emotion and feeling. This is one to share with your loved ones. From The Artist: “The gentle, Americana-inflected “Opening The Sky” is an ode to his daughter, sharing a guide with her to living an honest and just life as she navigates a world that can be painful to live in. “No matter what, I will always be there for her, whether it is in the flesh or in spirit. This song is meant to be transformative and exudes a feeling of unconditional love,” explains Taylor. “Opening The Sky” honours women’s roles as the givers of life who have an incredibly powerful gift inside, filled with love, courage, and strength. Its writing has taught Taylor that love and acceptance is always the way to fix anything.”

The Blue Doors – “Kick Off Your Shoes”

Another great track from Canadian alt rockers The Blue Doors. Catchy guitar riffs and chorus, with big energy that’ll have you moving along. From the Band: “Kick Off Your Shoes is a high energy song with a positive message. When little or big things go wrong don’t let it get you down. It happens to all of use. Take a breath, shout it out and let it loose for a little peace of mind. Sometimes that’s all it takes.” 

DYLYN – “What A Ride”

Great poppiness to this alt-tinged track from DYLYN. Her vocals are impeccable and suit this mix of styles perfectly. From the Artist: “I had fun writing this one, as it was kind of influenced from a song idea called “Half Baked” by Jimmy Campbell. An almost 60s Cream influence. I love that there are two parts to this song, one being really smooth and light, the other being sort of chaotic. It reflects the highs and lows of life. It feels like the inner dialogue one struggles with when reflecting on the could have, should have, what could be. Living presently isn’t very easy.” 

Chance Brown – “Colour”

Great mix of genres with this song – it has an indie folk feel but with a garage rock twist. All with incredibly compelling vocals that make you want to hear more. From the Artist: “”Colour” is a song that deals with the idea that one can do everything they can to achieve their selfish desires and in doing so alienate and exhaust themselves until there’s nothing left in the way of humanity.”

Mattie Leon – “Can’t Hide The Lonely”

You can never go wrong with a new song from Mattie Leon, and this one is a gem. It’s the latest single from his upcoming album, following up the previous single “Acoustic Guitars”. If you’re not following along as he unveils videos from the recording process, get on it – it’s a fantastic glimpse behind the scenes. From The Artist: “Sometimes when we’re hurting inside we put on a brave face but everyone around us can see what’s going on. That’s what this tune is about.This was the second song we worked on with Mark Howard and the first one we all did together at the same…it was a real turning point in the process because I had a tough time accepting the changes at first. Mark tweaked Mike’s drums, Nelson had some guitar ideas, and as you can see in the studio footage, I was a little stressed that things were getting away from me. Thank god I woke up and trusted these guys because the song (and the whole record) is so much better for it. Don’t be too precious!!!”