8 Tracks

If you’ve got the end-of-summer blues and could use a little pick-me-up, we’ve got ya covered. This week’s 8 Tracks is full of musical gems that are sure to make your day a little brighter. Read the mini reviews, check out info on the artists, then get these songs in your earholes!

Late Cambrian – “It’s Always Something”

Holy toe-tapper! This track had us moving as soon as the first note hit – it has a Strokes-meets-indie pop appeal, and is sure to be a hit with a lot of audiences. From the Band: “It’s Always Something is two perspectives on the same relationship. The title It’s Always Something has negative and positive connotations in the song. The music is a melodic up tempo bop.”

Orson Wilds – “Cellar”

I love when bands meld different genres, sounds, and vocals to create something unique and compelling – and that’s exactly what Orson Wilds has done. This song just makes me want to hear everything the band has ever released, and hopefully it does the same for you. From The Band: “”I’ll be your cellar, if you’re looking for somewhere to run.” A double entendre for ‘seller,’ their new single “Cellar” responds to friends succumbing to addiction. Grammy nominee Will Yip and Grammy winners Tom Lord Alge and Emily Lazar help deliver Orson Wilds’ trademark sound with elements of punk, folk and rock to create something that is both intimate and expansive. At first, their songs are uplifting, but upon closer listen, a deep melancholy runs through them.”

Captain WildChild – “Speed”

Killer energy on this next track from Hamilton’s Captain WildChild. Hard and fast drums, driving guitar riffs, and big-as-hell-vocals make this a song you ‘ll wanna play over and over. From the Band: “Of all of the high velocity songs with multiple changes, twists and turns, “Speed” is a real crowd pleaser. It has a little something for everybody. The band blasts in, shake their butts, get groovy, and dip into a scary heavy jam. What more do you want? This second single is taken from their debut full length LP, Infinite Pleasure. The album was mostly self-produced, then recorded with mixing engineer Mickey Ellsworth (Walk Off The Earth, Shawn Mendes) and will be released on August 20, 2022. Ultimately, the album is all about having a good time. You should listen to Infinite Pleasure at full volume. It sounds best LOUD!”

Excuses Excuses – “My Nicotine”

Another fantastic new track from Canadian band Excuses Excuses. This one is a rocker as expected, but with a lot of depth and a compelling melody. From the Band: “Its latest single, “My Nicotine,” was inspired by singer and guitarist Kyle Wilton’s fascination with the human tendency to struggle with toxic/self-destructive behaviour, and the cyclical nature of continuing to suffer even when we consciously know it is slowly killing us.” 

STARSET with Breaking Benjamin and Judge & Jury – “Waiting on the Sky to Change”

Here’s something a little different. A collaboration between 3 different artists/bands, resulting in an anthemic rock song. From the Band: “Judge & Jury (hit producer Howard Benson + Neil Sanderson of Three Days Grace) joined forces with STARSET + Breaking Benjamin for this song. It has already blown away dozens of radio program directors. “Waiting On The Sky To Change” is a message for all of those who are tired of searching for momentary refuge amidst a storm of destruction. Instead of accepting a fleeting moment of hope as a permanent solution, weather out the storm, and in time, turbulence will give way to hope. There is power in persistence, and this is our anthem to let everyone know they are strong enough to keep going because eventually, the skies will clear.” This is an extremely long-awaited release for fans of both STARSET and Breaking Benjamin.”

Bayline – “Bleeding Hearts”

Great energy in this rock track, with an accessible chorus to balance out the heavier vocals in the verses. Incredibly well arranged, with a captivating sound to make the listener want more. From The Band: “The song is a wake-up call to people rioting without a just purpose. The “rebel without a cause” lines refer to the Dutch riots of ’21, with the sudden mob mentality scaring a lot of innocent people. It’s the second single of our upcoming EP, set to be released September 23rd.”

High Grass – “Falling”

Catchy rock energy and gorgeous vocals create a sound that is compelling and hard to ignore. This is a style of music that appeals to a broad audience, and is sur to connect with our FTS readers. From the Band: “The second track, ‘Falling,’ inspired the cover art. This song hopes to empower listeners and remind them that there is a way to escape negative influences in their lives. When speaking more about their record, Myrandas said, “Our EP touches different topics related to our experiences living in Cuba and the US. It is about love, betrayal, hope, struggle, letting things go, and having fun. We had a great time writing these songs and are excited to share them with everyone.”

Carve A Path – “Outlet”

The next track is for the punk fans – this song has big pop-punk energy, but with enough of an edge that I wouldn’t call it pop-punk song. It’s accessible punk, with passion, grit and catchiness. From the Band: “‘Outlet’ was written during a day when I was in a very chaotic state of mind. It’s about needing to release negative energy and find something that keeps you going. My Outlet is music, what’s yours?”