8 Tracks

Find your new favourites in this week’s 8 Tracks – read the mini reviews and info from the artists, then play ’em loud! Lots of different genres in this collection, so there’s something for everyone.

Tuk Smith & the Restless Hearts – “Ballad of a Misspent Youth”

A straight-ahead rock tune that you can’t help but dig right away. With nods to classic rock, alt rock and southern rock, it all comes together in the kind of song that you wanna hear more of. From The Band: “The album’s title track and first single, “Ballad of A Misspent Youth,” is an old-school rock ’n roll anthem for a new generation. Tuk elaborates on the inspiration behind the first single: “It’s a by-product of my upbringing in the South when I was cutting my teeth in the underground Atlanta punk scene before touring for a decade in the clubs and dives.”

Emiliano Ortiz – “Life”

Another likeable track from Emiliano Ortiz is up next – vocally, I hear a cross between Beck and Eddie Vedder, and I mean that in the best way possible. This song is so accessible – great rock edge, but with enough of a pop vibe that it will be a fit for most audiences. From the Artist: “‘Life’ is about waking up not knowing what you should do, where to go, or even who you are. The depressed feeling of not being content in the current world, wondering what to do with the rest of your life. “These days make you feel like, you’re just living in-between, a screen and a bad dream”. Acoustic guitar filled pop rock production with a guitar duel to wrap up the tune.”

Springworks – “Pulsar”

Here’s another new track from Springworks – it’s hard not to bop along to this energetic and bright single. There’s a bit of an 80s feel with the synths, but in a modern-day indie pop style. From the Artist:From our upcoming album Chapter Thieves, a synth pop feel inspired by one of our favourite bands called Pulsars and their knack for making vintage gear sound fresh while calling back to the era of catchy synth rock/pop

Beauty School – “Oak”

Great alt rock track for fans of The Menzingers, Honest Heart Collective, and American Football. Catchy and upbeat alt rock, with emo sensibilities for good measure. From the Band: “Oak is the latest slice of emotional alt-rock from Yorkshire’s finest Midwest-emo inspired rockers Beauty School. Wearing their 90s rock influences firmly on their sleeves, Oak explores the difficulties of seeing a family member struggle with dementia. ” 

Zoey Leven – “I Feel Like A Loser”

This is an artist with an incredible future ahead of her. This just might be a perfect indie pop/indie rock hybrid song. Great vocals, punchy guitars, memorable melodies, and a killer bassline. Pay attention for more from Zoey Leven. From the Artist: “Zoey Leven is a 21 year old indie artist from Vancouver, BC, defying stereotypes and expectations with her androgynous look and passionate voice. Inspired by teenage nostalgia and the awkward stages of entering adulthood, Zoey aims to create a voice for the LGBTQ2S+ community and others trying to find their place. Struggling with writer’s block and feeling unproductive, “I Feel Like A Loser” was born out of self-deprecation and guilt. Ironically, writing a song about not feeling cool at all, taught her confidence.”

Reckling – “Spitter”

Here’s a band you want to pay attention to – featuring members of Paramore/HalfNoise, FIDLAR and Together Pangea, they have a killer punk/ alt rock sound that has a bit of a Distillers vibe (which is a huge compliment from me), and vocals that will grab your attention. From the Band: “‘Spitter’ is literally about a girl spitting on me because she didn’t like me, but more generally, it’s about persevering through the difficult things in life. The song sorts through my own angry feelings that were brought on by somebody else’s misdirected emotions. The underlying themes in this EP move through feelings of indecision, guilt, and regret…but writing and playing the songs are a way of finding resolution, forgiveness, and surrender.”

Michael Terrence – “Summertones”

Great sound from this Canadian artist – almost a Wintersleep meets Beck vibe, which is fantastic. (And yes, that’s the second time I’ve mentioned Beck in this post. Accidental, but all true.) From the Artist: “Lyrically, this song follows two people on a road trip near the end of summer. They have nowhere to go, and maybe feel a bit like they are going nowhere. There’s a feeling of desperation and longing, which is sort of how the dog days of summer feel to me. The imagery is of a desolate beach, the sunset exploding against the sky while the ocean pulls you under. Musically, the song is quite upbeat, which belies the more melancholic feeling from the lyrics. The bridge is what gives the song its weight, repeating the line “caught in the undertow,” while the music washes over itself. The song feels just right for this time of year, as start to say goodbye to summer.”

Aiming Arrows – “Promises”

This song by Aiming Arrows has a mellow rock style, but punches up the rock impact throughout the song. Well worth a listen (or two… or three…).From the Band: “”Promises” tells the story of struggling to deal with your own demons while still trying to give all the people you love what they deserve. It’s asking for patience and forgiveness while promising to do whatever you can to be better.”