8 Tracks

It was completely unplanned, but this week’s 8 Tracks has a heavy punk focus – and for those of you who aren’t punk fans, there’s a few gems from other genres sprinkled in for good measure. Get ’em in your ears!

The Moss – “Insomnia”

Be warned – when you listen to this track, you’ll be tappin’ your toes, boppin’ your head and dancing along. It’s unavoidable. Such a great, catchy indie rock-meets-garage rock tune! From the Band: “Entitled “Insomnia”, the catchy track is a “bittersweet song about passing the point in a relationship where you can’t sleep at night when you are away from them,” proclaims the band. “Insomnia” features explosive melodies and melodic guitar riffs soaring over driving basslines for a wildly addictive sonic journey.” 

Captain WildChild – “Fantasy”

Here’s a killer punk track with some solid melodies to sing along to – get these guys on your radar. Turn up your speakers and dig into their fun video, completely made by the band. From the Band: Their first song off their debut full length LP, Infinite Pleasure, is a rollercoaster of a tune called “Fantasy.” The contrast in the instrumental parts between the verses and choruses are very deliberate. It’s a mosh-dance-mosh-dance song, and the feel changes to keep the energy continuously feeding into the next section.

KINDA EVIL – “Teeth”

Absolutely loving the sound from Kinda Evil – if you’re a fan of The Kills (or anything Alison Mosshart, really), this gritty, fast-paced rock sound with solid riffs is right up your alley. From the Band: “Steeped in the rich musical tradition of D.C., KINDA EVIL draws inspiration from the likes of Bikini Kill, Priests, and The Kills in this biting new single. Through crunchy fuzz guitar, flame-kissed vocals, and swirls of surf rock psychedelia, “Teeth” examines the insidious nature of lies (whether from your lover or local politician!) and the destruction that lies create once they’ve touched one’s lips. Bon appétit!”

Vandoliers – “Bless Your Drunken Heart”

A little punk, a little country, a lot of energy – Vandoliers have dropped another fantastic song that you just can’t help but dig immediately. Catchy and compelling, you just know this is a fun one to see live. From the Band: “Vandoliers show off the rambunctious, breakneck side of their country punk sound on new single “Bless Your Drunken Heart,” a rowdy standout from their new album The Vandoliers (out August 12th via Amerikinda Records/Soundly Music). A rollicking ode to a town drunk, “Bless Your Drunken Heart” has quickly become a live, shout-along fan favorite.”

Phinius Gage – “Battered & Bruised”

Great punk energy on this new re-released track from UK band, Phinius Gage. Solid mix of melody and grit, definitely a band to look more into, and dive into their back catalog. From the Band: “The opening track from the band’s final album, ‘Seek Out Your Foes’. Originally released in 2007, it was featured on the XBox/Playstation game SBK-09. This is a remastered version, featured on the new, 15th anniversary edition of ‘Seek Out Your Foes’, out now on beautiful red vinyl via Aaahh!! Real Records”

Jane’s Party – “Days of my Youth”

Another killer track by the incomparable Jane’s Party, from their latest album. This one features swirling synths and indie pop vibes. Give it a listen, then go back and read our recent Q&A with the band. From the Band: “It’s funny how the pendulum swings even in songwriting. For the longest time I was looking to get real deep and write from some of the darkest and emotional places – personal insecurities, breakups, deaths; feeling like I was really getting somewhere with this stuff. And then after a while you get so damn bummed out that the greatest, most true-to-yourself kind of song you can possibly write is something humorous, silly and utterly inconsequential. And that just feels like the greatest release of all. This is one of those songs.”

Evergreener – “Deciduous”

Grungy, hard-hitting punk is up next from Australia’s Evergreener. With a melodic approach, the band creates a more accessible sound that a lot of audiences are surely going to dig. From the Band: “The agitated, restless rhythm generated from the kit instantly whets the appetite, further enhanced by a two-chord soundscape from both guitars, all coming together to unleash the song’s angsty energy which rocks its way into the bloodstream. The result is grunge-inspired, yet doesn’t shy away from upbeat 90s punk-rock. The lyrics are catchy, and Matt and Corey’s refrain ‘release me’ is cathartically textured by fast-paced riffs and a snarl that proves Evergreener mean business.”

Voice of Addiction – “Division Complex”

Let’s end this week’s list with some high energy punk – with a message. Great heaviness to this track, while still being catchy as hell. The result is a sound that’ll stick with you. From the Band: “Voice Of Addiction are politically charged and socially conscious Chicago based punk-rockers. V.o.A. has been around over a decade doing 1,200 shows across the U.S. & Canada, including 160 just in 2016. Having 6 official releases & independently selling 6,500 physical copies (as well as being involved in countless compilations) these boys have proven they are a force to be reckoned with.”