We’re kicking summer off the right way, with the latest group of new songs that deserve top spot on your seasonal playlists. Check out the mini-reviews and info from the artists, and then turn these tunes up.

Francesco Yates – “Jimi”

An impressive artist from an incredibly young age, Francesco Yates has been creating a buzz around his unique sound. This song has an infectious groove and a very cool style, and I’m sure we’ll be hearing about this artist for a long time to come. From The Artist: ““The song came about as a happy accident,” Yates says. “I was in my home studio looking at a poster of Prince, and the line ‘Jimi Hendrix / I love you like I love my guitar’ popped in my head. And the rest of the song just fell into place after that.” “Jimi” showcases Yates’ masterful re-invention, highlighting his world-class musicianship and airtight pop songcraft. The track transports the listener with his modern take on up-tempo 90s R&B Pop with Funk-filled bass lines and a prominent guitar solo that Hendrix would surely approve of.”

Goodnight Sunrise – “Wait For It”

Another stellar track from Goodnight Sunrise – they’ve been absolutely killing it this year, and their new single is no exception. If you’ve somehow missed out on this band, check out this song and then take a deep dive back into their back catalog. From the Band: “Their latest release, “Wait For It,” is a driving alternative rock track for the summer, written for anyone who is tired of being confined by societal pressures. It’s a rousing sing along for the dreamers who are tired of everyone else acting like they’ve got all the answers.” 

No Temple – “Undertow”

Great rock tune from Canadian band, No Temple. This single is incredibly fast-driving and edgy, with a chorus will get you hooked.From the Band: “Fast paced and in your face. Undertow goes out to anyone feeling the pressures of life and no knowing what to do next.”

No Sunshine Collective – “Old Radio”

Killer energy on this one – great mix of punk and a more accessible rock style, put together to create a hell of a great sound. From the Band: “I wrote this song during the summer while at my friend’s house and she had this old radio from the 50’s she got from her grandparents. That’s where the inspiration for the song came from.”

Roye Trout – Sugar Boy”

This song is catchy right from the outset – infectious energy, with a bit of a throwback feel. From the Band: “Vietnamese/Chinese Canadian singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Windsor, Ontario, Roye Trout, is returning with a propulsive and catchy new single entitled “Sugar Boy.” Inspired by the experience of misleading, unrequited love, “Sugar Boy” pays homage to the classic romantic-style pop song, juxtaposing heartbreak with vigorous indie rock.” 

Greenteeth – “Tiny Pill Box”

There’s a definite 90s sound to this track, in the best way possible. If you took early Smashing Pumpkins and spliced it with some shoegazey Silversun Pickups, the uniqueness of Radiohead and even a little bit of Nirvana, you just might have nailed down Greenteeth’s sound in this song. Love it. From the Band: “Recorded during the pandemic, this is my first single release as Greenteeth. It’s about all the little things I (or we) do to try to fit in to the world or society. Denying our own identity at times to just get along with everyone else” 

Mexican Dogs – “When It’s Gone”

Next up is some stellar garage rock from Liverpool rockers Mexican Dogs. Love their style, and the way they seamlessly weave retro vibes into their modern sound. From the Band: “With recent release “When It’s Gone” serving as a thunderous testament to a band who are going places fast, the accompanying new video is a nod to the cavorting canon of ‘70s glam-rock influences that brought the track to life.”

FRANSIS – “Pin Me Down”

Let’s finish off the list with something a little more mellow – this track has some soothing indie pop/rock vibes with a bit of a Tori Amos feel. Fantastic vocals and overall song. From the Band: “Pin Me Down” was spurred by the tragic murder of Sarah Everard. It tackles a subject which is often difficult to talk about but shared by so many women, that of sexual assault, candidly focusing on the mental strain particularly in the aftermath, and the struggle behind closed doors. Described as a therapeutic exorcism, Withers shares, “This song is vulnerable and real, I wanted to focus on the self destruction, the brokenness, the confusion, the anger, and then finally the release which is supported by the music constantly, and as the song intensifies we hit an explosive finale, and an emotional release which was incredibly satisfying to perform in the studio, I did like 8 takes of this to get the raw emotion out of me, this is bonded with the mammoth eruption of epic guitar lines and pure power from the band.”