So far June has been full of stellar new singles by bands and artists from all over the world. Here’s a few of the latest and greatest – check out the mini reviews and band info, and then turn up these tunes!

Shockpowder – “Verdant and Abloom”

Killer atmospheric sound and vocals on this “metalgaze” single from the UK’s Shockpowder. Great mix of the heavy and the soft, creating an incredibly likeable tune. From the Band: “Metalgaze project Shockpowder is releasing single “Verdant and Abloom”, which will serve as the third track of EP “Blossom”. The Blossom EP in its entirety will be released in July, a total of four single releases along the themes of nostalgia, but also regret and loneliness. All of these themes are present in Verdant and Abloom, which culminates into a storm of dreamy, homesick metal.”

Gratuitous Platypus – “Don’t Drag Me Down” Pt. 1

Here’s the latest from Canadian alt band, Gratuitous Platypus. There’s a cool grittiness to this song, with a guitar melody that makes it a true genre-bender. From the Band: “Don’t Drag Me Down is a coming of age song. There was a lot of anxiety around the end of high school and as Gratuitous Platypus were preparing to move on, they wrote this song as a reminder that the stress and fear of the unknown was an unnecessary burden. when writing their debut LP, Gratuitous Platypus re-recorded the track and the tone of self reflection and moving forward with the rest of their release, encapsulated by the finale of the record, Don’t Drag Me Down pt. 2” 

TOTALLY CASHED – “Sport Drink”

Killer punk energy mixed with catchy melodies and loud-as-hell guitars – this one’s a must-listen! (And be sure to turn it way up.) From the Band: “THE ONE AND ONLY THIRST-QUENCHING, EAR-BUSTING, FACE-MELTING SINGLE FROM CHICAGO SENSATION TOTALLY CASHED! THE BAND’S FIRST RELEASE OF THE YEAR KICKS OFF WITH A BANG AND NEVER STOPS, LISTEN NOW!” 

Luke Warms and the Cold Ones – “Kip City”

This is an incredibly likeable track, with an infectious guitar riffs, energetic chorus & stellar vocals. From the Band: “Their new song, “Kip City,” was inspired by how easy it is to lose sight of what really matters in life when you’re focused on pleasing everyone else, living in the moment too much, or constantly chasing temptation.”

Near Beer – “Mixtape Generation”

Edgy, high energy pop punk that is insanely infectious – this is the kind of song that really gets a crowd going. Get this band on your radar! From the Band: “”‘Mixtape Generation’ has the caffeine pop-punkery of our teenage selves, but maybe the existential weight of being 20 years older. It drifts from nostalgia to paranoia, comes undone in the bridge, and yes, it was inspired by eating some “magical” cookie, thinking that death was imminent, but making it to the other side to see how ridiculous the whole experience was — which feels like the appropriate metaphor for being in a band.”

Cujo Moon – “Moonlight”

This next track is perfect for fans of Bon Iver and Jeff Buckley. Beautiful vocals match perfectly with a song that evokes romance and sincerity, with a subtle sweetness. Fantastic indie-folk. From the Artist: “I’ve always been drawn to very stripped down and lo-fi records like Pink Moon by Nick Drake, Nebraska by Bruce Springsteen, The Creek Drank the Cradle by Iron & Wine, For Emma Forever Ago by Bon Iver, and countless others. So for this EP, I tried my hand at a more raw and organic recording process using more acoustic instruments, tape machines, and analog gear. It’s a little rougher around the edges but I think these songs needed that imperfection in order to remain honest. They are songs about life, love, and growing older. The EP title ‘Horizons’ represents how we often look to the past and future for answers but just like a 35mm photo, the distance can make it look or ‘feel’ fuzzy and uncertain.”

BERRIES: “We Are Machines”

An immediately likable track, this song brings the rock edginess and pairs it with melodies to sing along with. Really digging their sound, and looking forward to hearing more. From the Band: It is a song about struggling in a demanding society and being exploited by people who have little empathy or concern for your well-being. The song touches on how we are forced to become machines, trying to maintain an impossible level of perfection and how we need to fight against this. Admitting we are only human and finding the strength to stand up and push for balance and rights. In turn, becoming a different type of machine.”