The Northwest

Sault Ste. Marie-based band The Northwest have been steadily seeing their success grow with new releases in 2022, including “Long Hair (Longer Nights)” and “Shoreline”. They’ve just released their brand new EP, All In, featuring those singles and their latest, “Stay Gold”. We caught up with the band once again, this time to chat about the album, their whirlwind year so far, and their advice for new musicians.

From The Strait: Tell us about the new album, All In.

Wayne: A lot of time spent on this one. Mike and I really used this downtime from the pandemic to send voice memo demos back and forth. I would write everyday while I was “working from home”.   We spent a solid year just focused on these batch of songs. This was also the first time handing the keys over to a team to help with production. It had its ups and downs was really a learning experience as well. It took thought to get the song ideas to come together it took a team to make the EP sound how we wanted it to be.

Mike: When we met with Dustin Goodall and Bill Priddle at Unsalted Audio, we knew we had to hand the keys over to our songs and trust their judgement on a lot of aspects of the songs and tonality of the record.  Some things changed drastically – the bridge part in ‘Long Hair (Longer Nights)’ was way different when we wrote it, but the benefit of a production team is they listen to your songs from a listener’s point of view and I think The Northwest needed that to help up become better songwriters and performers in the long run.

FTS: This year has already been a bit of a whirlwind for you guys – how has it felt?

The Northwest: Like we really accomplished something. We made short term goals and saw each one of them through.  We cant wait to see how the rest of 2022 plays out!

FTS: What are some under-the-radar bands or artists you love, and want to share with our readers?

Wayne: I really like Josiah and the Bonnevilles also I have been listening to The Honest Heart Collective, The Wilderness & Texas King.

Mike:  I really like Dooms Children and Birds of Bellwoods

FTS: Do you get nervous before playing live? If so, what do you do to combat that? 

Wayne: I don’t know if it’s so much nervous or more of anxious like the waiting to start the show. I love the feeling whatever it is. That feeling gets you through playing.

Mike: I just get pumped – you know when you go to an arena rock show and they play pump up rock and roll over the PA before the artist goes on?  That’s exactly how I feel.

FTS: If you had advice for new musicians, what would it be?

The Northwest: Connect with as many musicians or industry people as possible. Reach out don’t be afraid to ask question.  Get to know the people of your music scene you are in because it’s quite possible you will be in a band with them someday!

Stream All In, the new EP from The Northwest on your preferred platforms, and check out their latest single, “Stay Gold”!