As we’re about to head into a long weekend, you need some great new tunes for your earholes – check out these eight songs, along with mini-reviews and band info!

Ahbril – “Nothing To Hide”

Very cool track from Ahbril – this is the band’s first single, and it’s full of fuzz, rock guitar riff, and huge vocals. From the Band: “Ahbril is an American alternative rock band from Salt Lake City, Utah. With energetic and emotive vocals delivered by Ryan Jordan (Greenwheel) and unapologetic assertive guitars by Gunther Fischli (Eixo) and Rick McNerny (The Dirty Sunshine); Ahbril delivers uniquely creative arrangements supported by Karlov Argueta (bass) and George Llanes (drums). Lyrics are are poignant commentaries on the realities of modern life, always with a touch of humor.” 

Monowhales – “New Threads”

Another stellar track from JUNO nominees, Monowhales! And this time they’ve got a killer video to go alongside it. From the Band: “This is MONOWHALES bedroom pop at its finest,” declares guitarist Zach Zanardo, with vocalist Sally Shaar stating, “this song is centered around coming of age but not as a teenager — as an adult in your 20s.” Drummer Jordan Circosta elaborates, “it’s about reaching a new level of maturity and knowledge of self.” Sally concludes, “‘New Threads’ is a reminder to try and take it easy when I start to be too hard on myself.”

Burn the Louvre – “Alison”

Here’s another great track from Burn the Louvre! A bit of a mellower, sweeter song this time – really well done, as expected from these guys. From the Band: “”Alison” is a fun indie pop duet featuring singer/songwriter Stephanie Deshane. It’s about that person who comes into your life and leaves very suddenly, but I’d like to think that a girl like “Alison” always leaves on a positive note. The moral of the story is that just because an interaction or relationship might be temporary, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be meaningful.”

Paradise Row – “Adelaide”

The latest track from Paradise Row, a UK band with a killer 90s alt rock sound. Great energy and vocals, definitely looking forward to hearing more from them! From the Band: “We are Paradise Row, a brand-new British band fashioned out of East London in June 2021. Anthemic and vital, our music provides a much needed refreshing take on rock and roll. Our music is moody, groovy, uplifting and bouncy. During our set you’ll be obnoxiously happy.”

GHXST – “Marry The Night”

I love the mood of this song, and the ethereal vocals make it insanely good. I feel like this would be a fantastic fit in a movie – but if you’re listening at home, turn it waaaay up, kill the lights, and get right into it. From the Band: “‘Marry the Night’ is a love song for nights after hours spent walking through empty streets. The track opens with a lulling atmospheric loop that gradually opens into heavier spaces, with Shelley X’s signature delayed vocals echoing against drop-tuned guitars. Throughout, a drum machine pulses, like beats echoing from outside a Brooklyn warehouse. It’s gloomy listening, but the gloom is somehow warm and inviting. “ 

Griffin Benton – “Yours to Waste”

Smooth as hell vocals, and an overall great groove to this one. If you like Arctic Monkeys, I think you’ll be a big fan of Griffin Benton’s. From the Artist: “This is the third single off of my upcoming album. I think it’s a dope, laid-back rock tune that I’m real proud of.”

Gavin Leatherwood – “Be My Lover”

This song is catchy as hell, and definitely hard not to dance along to. Turn it on, turn it up, and dance all over the damn place! From the Artist: “Dropping by with a heads up that Hawaii born, California based artist Gavin Leatherwood will be dropping his stunning single, Be My Lover, on April 8th. A name and face you you may recognize from Netflix’s Sabrina The Teenage Witch remake and Mindy Kaling’s Sex Lives Of College Girls, Leatherwood has built himself a a powerful following, boasting over 3 million followers on IG alone alone. ‘ Be My Lover’ is vibrant indie pop cut perfect for summer nights.”

Lost Hive – “Confessions”

Very cool new track from UK band Lost Hive – smooth main vocals with backups that really add interest. Great garage style rock with a slight pop twist to keep it well stuck in your head. From the Band: “Confessions is about every office party you’ve ever been to where you’ve opened up a little bit too much. Then you fantasise about what might happen next. We’ve all had a co-worker we’ve been secretly in love with. Love might be a bit strong actually. But you end up spending more time with them than you do your own family because, you know, jobs. Then you find yourself creating and engineering opportunities to spend more time with them. This does not end well. I thought this might be something that resonates with everyone…but maybe it’s just us…”