8 Tracks

New tunes for your earholes – check out the latest mini-reviews and songs that deserve your attention.

Aversions – “Two Score to a Ward”

For all you post-punk fans out there, I give you the latest from Canadian band Aversions. This new track is from their brand new EP (also out now), and it’s well worth your time. From the band: “”Two Score” chronicles the pathetic end of an old Nazi, alone and in exile after spending a lifetime dodging justice. He ruminates on his outmoded views of race and class to find that time has not changed him, and he can find no further comfort in the ideals that once sustained him.”

Possum Belly – “Not Crazy”

Here’s another track from Detriot’s Possum Belly. This single has some great 90’s vibes and a grungy rock goodness. From the band: “”Not Crazy” is our most accessible track to date while still embodying Possum Belly’s style and attitude. The song is a love story between an old-time circus diva and her stagehand. We shot the cover art photo in a historic theatre in “Old Redford”–an artist village in Detroit’s west side.”

Playing Dead – “No Apologies”

Here’s some pop-punk catchiness for the list. Playing Dead is putting this heavy hitter out as the first single of their debut release. Be sure to stay tuned for it! From the band: “This is the first single off of our upcoming ep. Its fast and catchy and has a strong synth behind it so we decided to go with it first”

Sarajevo ’84 – “You Wanna”

All the way from Spain, we have Sarajevo and their latest track “You Wanna” – this single has some great groove and energy, and solid rock guitar riffs. From the band (in Spanish): “Es una canción fresca ,actual y bailable.la temática habla sobre amores tóxicos o de situaciones de querer y no poder.”

The Mary Veils – “Bone Blossom Green”

Fuzzy vocals and a killer opening bass line make for a kickass garage rock tune from The Mary Veils. From the band:“”‘Bone Blossom Green’ was based off a riff we had floating around for awhile. Originally we thought it would just be that main riff, for the entirety of the song but it kind of took a different turn while writing. It was one of the more challenging ones for us to finish, but we think it really showcases us as a band, and in a way highlights how we’ve developed musical and what our sound has become.” 

Spring Teeth – “Life Won’t Wait”

Next up is a fun alt rock track from Finland’s Spring Teeth. Great melodies, and an overall incredibly likeable track. From the band: “A three-piece formed in 2017 in Helsinki, Finland. Our debut album will be released on the 28th of january.”

Peter Vance – “Breaking Chains”

Here’s a pop-tinged single from Canadian artist Peter Vance, with some killer 80s throwback vibes and an overall sultry feel. From the artist: “Not only is the song about breaking away from your past self, but  it’s also about breaking away from the mistakes and hardships in  life that hold us back. We all need to break free from those constraints and put your best self forward every day.”  As an avid admirer of all things 80’s and 90’s, the stamp of the  former decade is all over “Breaking Chains,” as Peter allows the  influence of Tears for fears and early INXS to permeate the track.  

Tommy Gun – “Hopeless Stranger”

This is the new single from Australian band Tommy Gun – a very cool indie rock track with melodies for days and solid pop sensibilities. From the band: “Sleeping in vans, drinking beers at the beach, spending nights in the pub; Tommy Gun is the embodiment of the youth of Sydney’s southern beaches. For those craving summer nostalgia, this band is the sun setting on the horizon and the curtain drawn back, signalling the start of the show – and what a show it will be!”