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If you’re looking for your next favourite song, look no further – we’ve got some of the best recent singles ready to be added to your music libraries. Check out our mini reviews and words from the artists, then turn these up to 11. Maybe 12.

Pkew Pkew Pkew – “The Night John Buck Hit Three Home Runs” 

Do you like baseball? Do you like killer Canadian bands? Then this one’s for you. Pkew Pkew Pkew are waxing nostalgic on their latest offering, a mellow alt track about Blue Jays catcher John Buck. From The Band:Their latest track “The Night John Buck Hit Three Home Runs” off the Siiick Days LP (Sep 22nd) was inspired by life and baseball. Vocalist/Bassist Mike Warne wrote the single after his grandfather’s passing, reflecting on their shared joyous memories of rooting for the Toronto Blue Jays in a family tradition. Baseball catcher John Buck previewed the new single, proclaiming that “This song is dope!…What a gift to put music to memories and tell such a great story.”


Cherub Tree – “not yours, never was” (Anthem Edition)

Huge energy and relatable lyrics from this punk/ Riot Grrrl duo – heavy, hard-hitting drums and lyrics you’re gonna wanna yell as loud as possible. From The Band: This is the Anthemic Version of our new song called ‘not yours, never was’. From the control of politicians, to protests in our own backyards, this song is the new voice of revolution. Homing in on our punk rock and ‘Riot Grrrl’ influences, we were inspired to create a fierce and intense anthem that would be heard by various activists, non-profits, and under-represented communities. We hope that this song will serve as a voice and act as a reminder that we, the people, are not anyone’s puppet.


Vast Robot Armies – “Like A Bug” 

Such a great grungy sound on this next alt rock track.Vast Robot Armies bring the deep vocals, sultry rock vibe, captivating backups and a hell of a catchy chorus. From The Band: “Like A Bug” was the song that made the rest of the record find its niche. It was one of those songs that artists describe as ‘writing themselves’. The lyrical theme is a melancholy love letter. The main thesis is no matter where I am, and in case something was left unsaid that person would always be there for you.


The Boneheads – “Ride”

Next up is some blues-tinged garage rock from The Boneheads. This single has a huge, stadium-worthy sound and stellar melodies. While the style is commercially viable, it’s still gritty and edgy. From The Band:Ride evokes coming to the realization that the path in life one sets out for themselves could be the hardest to steer off from. The lyrics are complemented by a thumping rhythm, belting vocals, and electric slide guitar to compose the fiercest single from The Boneheads to date


Jesse Roper – “Throw This Rope”

A boppy new indie rock track from Canadian Jesse Roper is sure to appeal to music lovers of all kinds. As always, his vocals are captivatingly soulful, deep and bluesy, with his guitar prowess shining through. From The Artist: Following up on “Make It All Work Out,” the first single to be shared from his forthcoming album (set for release later this year), Roper is now releasing the second of multiple energetic, fresh, soulful and R&B inspired tracks. “Throw This Rope” is about being told how to run your life and career by folks who are currently running theirs aground. Essentially a home demo plunked atop an old 60s drum machine and then thickened up with the sweet sauce of a Gus Van Go bass track.


The Heavy North – “Give A Little Love”  

The Heavy North are back with their brand of southern rock meets garage rock – catchy as hell chorus, this song will have you moving. From The Band:“Give A Little Love is a song about finding the positives in life and not focusing on the negatives all of the time”. “It’s a song for anyone who’s feeling bogged down and needs reminding of the good things, even when they’re difficult to find” added Kenny. “I suppose the message behind ‘Give A Little Love’ is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and go again.”


Howlin’ Circus – “Innocence”

I always love hearing new music from Jafar Sandouk, a.k.a Howlin’ Circus – and this single is no different. The compelling mix of styles and influences shine through, breaking musical boundaries and creating something uniquely his own. From The Artist:“Innocence,” serves as a testament to Sandouk’s audacious creativity. Drawing inspiration from the legendary Ronettes, he infuses the track with a captivating drum beat and mesmerizing, almost spooky organs. The bold Arabic-style guitar riff adds a unique twist, demonstrating Sandouk’s willingness to embrace diverse influences and boldly challenge the norms. As he describes the creative process behind the song, Sandouk proudly declares, “Who’s to say you can’t do that?”