8 Tracks

It’s been awhile since our last “8 Tracks”, but this week’s list – our 100th one – is seriously worth the wait. You want indie rock? Got it. Heavy alt rock? That, too. German showtunes? I dunno, you’ll have to read and find out!

Close Kicks – “Small Town, Big Dreams”

We’re kicking off this list properly, with the latest from Close Kicks – yet another fantastic collaborative single from Darryl James, this time featuring Louwop. (You can also vote for it right now for this month’s Indie List chart!)

Captain WildChild – “Peace in Life”

Next up is a new track from Hamilton trio, Captain WildChild – a band “set forth to change whole worlds and blow audiences away with soul piercing, ear-gnashing rock & roll“. Give this a listen, and stay tuned this spring for their brand new album!

Mundo Park – “Friday”

Check out this new track from Netherlands band, Mundo Park. From the band: “It is friday night! The best moment of the week. But what if you step on that explosive underneath, it blows up and your Friday night gets so hot that it turns into hell? “Friday” is part of a monthly release plan, which by December 2021 will form Mundo Park’s new album: MMXXI.

Orson Wilds – (How Can We) Stay The Same?”

This song pairs pop rock with alt rock in a very accessible way that we think you’re gonna dig. From the band:”This song was written in the middle of the pandemic and is about having a meltdown and not being able to cope with all that shit.” 

Years of the Modern – “Only Angels”

Next up is the latest track from fellow Niagara pals, Years of the Modern. Give a listen (or two!) to this dreamy synth-pop track, then go back in time and read our last Q&A with the trio!

Forester – “Can’t Sleep”

Big energy, lots of layers and tempo changes – this song live would absolutely crush. From the band: “A year of isolation, and soul crushing anxiety has sent Forester’s DIY approach spiraling down the rabbit hole. “Can’t Sleep” fights back, lashing out lyrically with a vengeance. Written by the band, but blasting a brighter mix packed full of vivid ‘ear art’ thanks to Sam Guaiana (Silverstein, We Were Sharks), their new single marks the first time the band has brought outside ears into the studio.” 

The Things With Feathers – “Static”

This song sounds like a serious mainstream hit, pairing alt rock and indie pop seamlessly. From the band: “An exhilaratingly tight performance from the bands rhythm section, coupled with a seamless electric riff and alcohol-induced vulnerability, The Feathers balance an infectious hook with the fear of falling short in their hardest-hitting track to date. Masterfully produced by Owen Lewis (Old Sea Brigade, Maddie Medley, Snow Patrol), the single is poised to be the first single off of their upcoming debut EP, Sundays In The South.

Huron Lines – “Streetlight Gospel Choir”

We’re always happy to hear new singles from Huron Lines, and this one is no exception. From the band: “Have you ever been somewhere you shouldn’t be and been left on your own to find your way home? STREETLIGHT GOSPEL CHOIR, the final single for the debut album from Windsor, ON’s HURON LINES, leans into that moment between dusk and dawn when you have to face yourself under the streetlights to find your way back out of the dark.