Photo: Chloë-Louise Scanlan

We’re taking you Beyond The Strait again, this time to get Unstuck on your new music radar. The Dublin, Ireland-based rock trio are on a mission to “make songs songs again”. They’ve been keeping busy, putting in time on local main stages, ironing out their unique brand of quirky alt pop-rock. With the release of their second single “Anne-Marie”, they’re cementing themselves as a band to pay close attention to.

Right off the bat, “Anne-Marie” dives into a catchy 90s rock style, tinged with an almost psychedelic pop sound. At just under two minutes long, the song is quick and insanely infectious; catchy enough to make you want to take at least one more listen as soon as it’s over, just to get another short blast of pop/rock energy. From the single alone, it’s easy to tell why Unstuck have been spending time on their live show – this brand “off-kilter pop”, as they call it, is sure to make for an entertaining and memorable live act. However light and lively “Anne-Marie” sounds though, the band is quick to ensure that listeners don’t take the wrong message from it. “Please don’t be deceived,” the band members say. “It is no love song.”

To celebrate the release of “Anne-Marie”, they’ll be playing a show on December 23rd at Whelan’s in Dublin, with more shows and a new EP to come in 2023. Be sure to keep an eye on Unstuck, we have a feeling you’ll be hearing (and digging) a lot more from this Irish trio.

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