The Barren Spinsters

Canberra, Australia rock duo The Barren Spinsters have just released their brand new full-length album, Let The Music Ruin Your Life. Their 12-song sophomore offering was released on the band’s own label, Auditory Records, and features some of the band’s favourite Australian musicians making guest appearances.

We think this record is some of our best work to date, however our label initially didn’t want us to put it out,” says drummer/vocalist Matt Tennant. “They said it sounded like a random collection of ramblings from two immature idiots in their 30s, but what would those buttheads know.

First you write the songs, then you rewrite them because they’re terrible,” says vocalist/guitarist Brendan Houlahan. “A nap usually comes shortly after that, followed by everything else until BAM, you’ve got yourself an album. It’s a simple process really.” The humourous, tongue-in-cheek vibe of this band only adds to their appeal – but entertaining attitudes aside, let’s talk about the music itself.

Let The Music Ruin Your Life is a seriously captivating mix of classic rock, indie rock, a touch of punk, and a dash of blues, creating the kind of sound that makes you want to move and sing along at the top of your lungs. They pair stellar groove-rich rock riffs with catchy vocal melodies and infuse each song with personality. The whole album, from the opener “Takes a Lifetime” to recent single “Paint Another Picture”, is a wild ride that you’ll want to take again and again.

Three songs in, “Living Back Home” is an energetic track with a bluesy rock sound, well-placed harmonica and keys, and a subject that hits home for many (has anyone else had to move back home at some point in their adult life? No? Ok, cool.). It’s catchy and melodic, and will get you grooving along to it immediately. This is sure to translate into a live show fan favourite.

The focus track, “Paint Another Picture” is another stand out song on the album, naturally.  With its sludgy guitar riffs and impeccable rock style, the song has a more raw, driving sound.This is rock ‘n roll the way it was meant to be.

Overall, Let The Music Ruin Your Life is jam-packed with great songs that are sure to stand the test of time, with a classic yet fresh sound.(And for the record, no… this album did not ruin my life.)

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