Sparks Fly From A Kiss

Here’s something a little different – a feature about an album from a band that no longer exists. Sparks Fly From A Kiss originally formed in their hometown of New Jersey, with a musical career that boasted notable live shows (such as opening for Frank Black), and TV appearances. The new album, Cornered and Shot, was actually recorded 20 years ago, and consists of unreleased demos and outtakes that are finally seeing the light of day. So, while Sparks Fly From A Kiss is no longer an active band, the album is a new release – and one that deserves your full attention.

This album reflects the band’s signature style of creating indie rock songs that combine classic hooks with spacy layers of sound,” says the band about the new release.

From the get-go, the album has an incredible 90s alt rock sound. Some songs add in a bit of a shoegaze vibe, with stellar fuzz, reverb, and samples included for good measure. The overall tone manages to be a straight-ahead indie rock album without being too heavy – the songs are balanced between mellow and fast-driving, all propelled by captivating guitar riffs and melody.

One song that immediately stood out to me was  “I Saw The Future,” starting the album off perfectly, with two minutes and thirty seconds of indie rock goodness. It’s catchy and memorable, with punk-meets-post-punk elements and driving guitar. This is the type of track that is sure to have fans singing along, word-for-word, at a live show.

Another stand-out song was “Searching for John Wayne,” with its twangy guitars and subdued vocals. It’s one of the mellower songs on the album, while maintaining an edgy appeal that is part of the band’s distinctive sound. The song manages to span multiple genres at once, showcasing the band’s vast talent and ability to create unique art.

Overall, Cornered and Shot is an album that serves as a time capsule to Spark Fly From A Kiss’ days as a band. Its nostalgic sound is one that still resonates today, and is sure to attract a new generation of fans for the now-defunct band.

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