the rundown

Get your new music fix with these brand spankin’ new tunes from all over the world – you can also find these songs on our Limited Time Offer Spotify playlist.  

Fashioned From Bone – “Revolution”

Country: Germany

Genre: Pop Rock

Words From the Artist: “The first sentence “Revolution will not be televised“ is from the original song from Gil Scott Heron. He was a big influence in my musical development when I was twenty years old. I always loved this song and I dont know why but when Robert played this riff the first time, these words came into my mind. I thought that strong lyrics will fit to this riff. Riding the wave with a bag full of thoughts, expectations, hopes and also fears „you walk on minefields with eyes blinded“. Watch every step you do but without being feared of doing mistakes in your life. Dont let others take care of your future and your dreams or goals. You have to do it by your own. And this is the gift we have in our life. The song could transfer the feeling of a war like situation. But its not. Its more like a fight. I hope these words will give you what you are looking for. Its not so easy to explain or to say something about my lyrics. I feel something and then I‘ll write it down. No filter except that I‘m german and I write in english”

Decade & A Day – “Make Things Worse”

Country: UK

Genre: Punk

Words From the Artist: Decade & A Day are a pop punk/emo band, from Nottingham, U.K. writing heartfelt lyrics, powerful guitars and heavy drums; tied together with a live show full of raw emotion and passion.

San Cisco – “Lost Without You”

Country: Australia

Genre: Indie Pop

Words From the Artist: San Cisco explain Lost Without You “is about the work that needs to go into a relationship. It isn’t always sunshine and rainbows and it takes a conscious effort to make things work. We can also forget how important someone is to us and all the meaningful history and challenges that come with a longer relationship. “You’re my best friend and I wouldn’t want to do this with anyone else, but fuck it’s hard sometimes.”

Anam Stone Jet – “Rainbow Cemetery”

Country: Australia

Genre: Alt Rock

Words From the Artist: ‘Rainbow Cemetery’ is exactly what you are looking for in a rock tune. From the moment you pop the song on, the riffs are rich in anticipation of what’s to come. Accompanied by steady drums that crash into a groove with a bass-heavy line driving the track, ‘Rainbow Cemetery’ is like a full-bodied red wine. If you don’t find yourself moving to this song by the first few chords, the echoing chorus will gently carry you into the next all-encompassing verse.

Logan Richard – “See Me Like This”

Country: Canada

Genre: Indie Pop

Words From the Artist: Logan’s brand new Learning To Love EP was co-produced by highly sought-after producers Colin Buchanan and Adam Gallant, and features players from the Atlantic String Machine. Its three tracks are all about growing up and learning to appreciate the things around you – recognizing that life is precious, things come and go and you have to be prepared to roll with the punches.

Dubh Lee – “Low Again”

Country: Ireland

Genre: Singer Songwriter

Words From the Artist: “Low Again is a song that explores how we seek each other out online for comfort and distraction. It is the first single from my debut EP entitled Animals and Friends and was recorded at Ailfionn Studio, Dublin. Initially I began writing the lyrics as a gentle admonishment of one of my friends for only writing to me when they were feeling low. I then go on to deride my own online behaviour; flirting with people online out of boredom or when my relationship with my significant other was unstable. The third verse came after a close friend suffered a death in their family and shortly after moved to another town; it expresses my wish that they would seek me out for comfort.”

Finneus – “No Man’s Land”

Country: US

Genre: Rock

Words From the Artist: Finneus flat out “brings it”. Whether it’s an intimate nightclub or a thousand-seat theater, these Chicago veterans bring undeniable energy. With nearly 100 years of combined experience in the music industry, Finneus are well-respected pros. Continuously delivering their prolific catalog throughout the Midwest, Finneus’ special blend of finneus-ized (funked-up) cover songs and groove oriented original music earned them a die-hard following on the live circuit.

monroe & she – “Nothing Left To Say”

Country: Switzerland

Genre: Alt Rock

Words From the Artist: A shoegaze duo of a different kind: Massive guitar clouds and spherical ambient waves gently carry an angelic voice over deeply profound songs. Melancholic yet melodic, the music moves between shoegaze, dream pop and indie – and accompanies the listener on the narrow path between doubt and hope to confront one’s inner demons.

Alkanes – “Artefact”

Country: UK

Genre: Alt Rock

Words From the Artist: The opening track from the brand new EP This Is It. This track is written from the perspective of a troubled individual who understands that a lot of their behaviours have been toxic and how this is having a detrimental impact on their closest relationships. The protagonist also views themselves as someone who is broken, run down and has little purpose being part of anyone’s life. They see themselves as a useless “artefact.”

GXTP – “Contraband”

Country: US

Genre: Alt Rock

Words From the Artist: GXTP, fronted by award-winning multi-platinum hitmaker Jason Paul aka Poo Bear, Triple Sixx and Sasha Sirota, recently released the cinematic music video for their latest single “Contraband.” Featuring Tommy Lee on drums and a cameo from the hilarious King Bach, the “Contraband” video is GXTP’s first official music video from their forthcoming album due later this year. Harkening back to classic films with a comedic twist–think Apocalypse Now meets Tropic Thunder meets the briefcase in Pulp Fiction–the “Contraband” video is a hilariously absurd journey that follows Jason Paul, Triple Sixx and Tommy Lee through the jungle on a mission to rescue Sasha Sirota from the grips of an enemy army. Along the way, they encounter King Bach, give a master class in toilet paper firearm combat and discover that the contraband they’re after was a part of Tommy Lee the entire time. The final product is a delightful introduction to the zany, larger than life world of GXTP.