the rundown

Get your new music fix with these brand spankin’ new tunes from all over the world – you can also find these songs on our Limited Time Offer Spotify playlist.  

Dave’s Manual – “Scaramouche”

Country: US

Genre: Alt Rock

Words From the Artist: ““Scaramouche” would best be described as a feel good rock arena anthem, driven by melodic hooks and ringing guitar harmonies.”

Manella – “Undesirable”

Country: Canada

Genre: Alt Rock

Words From the Artist: Undesirable is a song about the aftermath of a breakup and musically takes you on the rollercoaster of emotions that grief brings. It’s the moment of catharsis in Manella’s debut album “Songs My Mother Never Taught Me” as she sings “alone with my broken heart but I will get back up and survive” you can feel the pain of the breakup as the band devolves into chaos; but healing only comes after the worst of it, and ultimately there’s hope and light at the end of the tunnel.

Silo – “Sonder”

Country: UK

Genre: Grunge

Words From the Artist: “Sonder is the first release from Silo. This track drives hard from the outset and is the sonic expression of our internal aggression.”

Suburban Bicycle Gang – “In The Cosmos”

Country: Canada

Genre: Punk

Words From the Artist: The song, which is set to drop on February 23rd, 2023, is a dynamic and atmospheric track that explores the vastness and mystery of the cosmos. With driving guitars, propulsive drums, and soaring vocals, “In The Cosmos” is a testament to the band’s skillful musicianship and catchy songwriting. Suburban Bicycle Gang is excited to share this new single with their fans, who have been eagerly anticipating new music from the band since their last release in 2019. “In The Cosmos” promises to be a thrilling addition to their discography and a standout track in the Canadian alternative rock scene.

Not Those Carpenters – “Live Free or Die”

Country: Canada

Genre: Hard Rock

Words From the Artist: “We are Not Those Carpenters out of the wilds of Canada. We have been described as the Partridge Family meets Slayer. Our latest song is Live Free or Die and is a hard driving rock song with a message”

Unleash – “Fuck You”

Country: Argentina

Genre: Hard Rock

Words From the Artist: “It’s an up tempo, energetic song that combines classic guitar riffs with fast paced vocal lines. The lyrics are about breaking out of cultural norms and abusive relationships, and standing up for yourself.”

Grocer – “Smooth Operator”

Country: US

Genre: Post-Punk

Words From the Artist: “Smooth Operator, a nod to Sade’s song of the same title, further explores her lyrical concept of a “Western Male” by painting a not-so-smooth picture of the classic disgruntled American man and his daily…hardships. We had fun playing around with various “smooth” elements, like a fretless bass walking pattern, but naturally tried to turn them on their head to make them sound demented, heavy, and dark. The music video was made in classic Grocer style, shot on a phone camera with homemade camera rigs.”

anamoia – “Glass Eyes”

Country: Italy

Genre: Alt Rock

Words From the Artist: “The drop at around 2:40 is the best part! Song is influenced by deftones sound with more emphasis on shoegaze sound

Ernie Dufour – “Ocean Train”

Country: Canada

Genre: Singer-songwriter

Words From the Artist: “Inspired by the guitar heroes of the past and present, Ernie’s playing at times feels like RUSH, ZZ Top, Eric Clapton, or Neil Young. One such example is with the lead spiritual single “Ocean Train””.

KESMAR – “Is It Me Or Is It Love?”

Country: Australia

Genre: Indie Rock

Words From the Artist: Recorded to tape, the latest from KESMAR carries the warm glow of vintage production coupled with his buttery melodies. The accompanying video was shot and edited on film by Tas Wilson and sees Nathan glammed out in leopard-print robes, bell-bottomed jeans, and overstated make-up. The band gives a whimsical performance on an old-school bandstand and loosely calls to mind The Beatles’ “Hello Goodbye” music video from 1967.