the rundown

Get your new music fix with these brand spankin’ new tunes – you can also find these songs on our Limited Time Offer Spotify playlist.

Freedom Fry – “Ego Trip”

Country: USA

Genre: Indie Rock / Indie Pop

Quick Pitch: “This EP ends a big year of releases (including a French album and double covers EP), with a collection of fun indie-pop songs all loosely inspired by science fiction. The EP was greatly inspired by some of the band’s favorite David Bowie songs (“Star Man,” “Space Oddity”), so they channeled that energy. “Ego Trip” is about being lost inside the space of your own head.”

Until You Disappear – “Biggest Regret”

Country: UK

Genre: Emo

Quick Pitch: “”This is the second single from Until You Disappear’s upcoming record. For fans of pop punk/emo music.”

Jesse Grossi – “Rock ‘n Roll”

Country: USA

Genre: Indie

Quick Pitch: “Rock ‘n Roll is a powerful upbeat rock song with guitar hooks and licks that will stick with ya, along with a groovy bumping bass line and harmonious vocals and melodies, Rock n’ Roll is my love letter to music and the sacrifices it takes to succeed in the music business.”

She Might Be A Beast – “Do You Know (How It Feels)?”

Country: USA

Genre: Grunge / Alt Rock

Quick Pitch: ” This song is a hard rocking song, along with smooth vocals and rhythm vibes. There are many spots that will stick in the listeners head for days to come, and it will be welcome.”

Tiarlie – “Table Bitch”

Country: USA

Genre: Indie Rock

Quick Pitch: “”Table Bitch” by Tiarlie is a slow burning, spiteful record, reminscient of stewing over a glass of whiskey neat while you make jokes about your exes. “

Fluorescents – “Autopilot”

Country: USA

Genre: Pop-Punk

Quick Pitch: “Autopilot is our take on the classic early 2000s pop-punk you used to hear on the radio! The lyrics are ironic, as it criticizes modern pop-music while maintaining an irresistible radio-friendly vibe throughout. The instrumental is high-energy and the vocals soar above the track seamlessly. We hope this makes you feel nostalgiac for a time when pop-punk was in the mainstream.”

Softie – “Can I Be You?”

Country: USA

Genre: Slowcore / Shoegaze

Quick Pitch: “a lofi slow burn about desire. above the low level of the vocals you can barely hear the faint longing–can i be you”