We receive a lot of new music every day, but CeVILAIN’s latest single “Better Angels” was one that stood out as a mix of some well-known hard rock bands, with their own spin on the genre. We caught up with the Ottawa band to learn about their influences, their sound, and what’s next.

From The Strait: At first listen, your sound made us think of a great mix of Chevelle, Alexisonfire and a bit of Three Days Grace mixed in for good measure. What bands are your biggest influences?

CeVILAIN: Funny you say that! We get the Chevelle and Thrice similarity a lot. We all come from various backgrounds, so it’s tough to nail down our influences. In terms of song writing, I’d say Thrice and In Flames. For musicality, we range from Queen, all the way to blink 182 – we don’t like to rule out anything if it sounds good! 

FTS: You’ve shared the stage with a lot of big names – if you could play on a bill with any bands or artist, who would you choose?

CV: We’ve been so lucky to meet and work with some amazing artists. I think if we could share a stage with a band (that we haven’t already), we’d say Linkin Park. Of course, an impossible endeavor after the tragic loss of Chester – but it had always been a dream of ours. More realistically, I think we could link up well with Breaking Benjamin, Saint Asonia or Chevelle.

FTS: Describe your sound in four words or less.

CV: New age innovative rock

FTS: What’s coming up next for CeVILAIN?

CV: We are currently in the studio recording our next release. The EP represents Keubler-Ross’ model of the 5 stages of grief – each song representing a different stage. It’ll be lead with a single, representing “Denial”, very soon! No release date as of yet, but we’re getting to the final stages. The single release will be followed by a tour. Dates are TBA- but look for us in Toronto, Windsor, Ottawa, Sudbury and surrounding cities in October 2019.We record and do almost everything ourselves in our studio, so what you see, is 100% us. However, this time around, the new EP features various incredible mix engineers, and we are looking forward to hearing the innate sonic diversity from track to track. You’ll never see us slow down, this is what we do. Every day. 

Check out the video for CeVILAIN’s latest single, “Better Angels”!


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