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We’ve got Kingston, ON indie rockers The Wilderness back on FTS – they’ve just released a brand new video for their song “Graveyard”, so we caught up with Nicholas Lennox to chat about the new music, how they’re keeping busy while live shows are on hold, and each band member’s superpower.

From The Strait: Tell us about your new single “Graveyard” – what was the inspiration behind it, and how did that translate into the video?

The Wilderness: “Graveyard” was inspired by the kind of nights one spends deep into the wee hours at the local pub. It’s about feeling stuck in a cyclical pattern of working oneself dry and then spending your pay on nothing but rent and weekends at those same watering holes. Being in a band, one of the high points of our existence is performing live at venues and bars, and even there, it can be a challenge not to feel stuck playing in local venues while chipping away at the dream of playing for grander crowds.

The video itself was actually a different spin on that concept. I understand it to be about confronting—and eventually being bested by—the worst parts of ourselves; perhaps the kind that comes out on one of those evenings that runs well past 2:00am. Our videographer Céline Klein was really inspired by a lot of old-school horror movies and used a variety of techniques inspired by German expressionist film to create the creepy vibe.

FTS: In the past few years, you’ve played over 400 live shows across North America – with concerts mostly on hold right now, how are you filling the void of playing live?

The Wilderness: We miss touring terribly, so in the meantime we’re trying to stay as creative as possible! One project we’re working on is a series of live-off-the-floor videos in support of our album “Until Tomorrow”; we really are a live band at heart, so this project let us put that kind of energetic spin on the tracks we previously recorded in-studio.

We’re also busy making more new music! I can’t reveal too much about our future projects there, but suffice it to say we’re both writing and recording some new material which may see the light of day in the new year!

FTS: If you were stranded on a deserted island with only 4 albums of your choice, what would choose?

The Wilderness: Led Zeppelin’s “Houses of the Holy” – Basic choice perhaps, but I learned to drive to that album and it’s still the soundtrack to much of my time on the highway.
Snarky Puppy’s “Culcha Vulcha” – This jazz-focused album has such a rich variety of music on it, and every player is absolutely masterful. Bob Reynolds is also one of my favourite saxophonists, and I’d love to transcribe every note he plays on this album.
Belzébuth’s « En Faisant Semblant Rien » – This one is from a Québécois trad-folk band and reminds me of old friends from where I grew up (though I’m not from Québec myself, it was my friends who introduced me to this band)
The David Rubel Quartet’s “Into the Dark” – This is a wonderful jazz album that really inspired me when I first started playing saxophone. Again, I would transcribe every note off of this album given the time (and assuming I was stranded on this island with my horn)

FTS: If each band member had a superpower, what would it be?

The Wilderness: I would go so far as to say we already have some slightly esoteric real-life superpowers:
Jonas – Reciting any Springsteen lyric encyclopediatically and turning any phrase into song
Henry – Can hold a conversation with you in almost any language, including one he’s written
Nick – Harmonizing with random sounds—cars, household objects, elevator noises, you name it
Karl – Providing apt historical facts as they become even remotely relevant in any given situation
Sacha – Somehow always able to produce a fine chianti to be paired with excellent conversation
Liam – Always ready to philosophize and provide the advice you didn’t know you needed

Check out The Wilderness‘ latest single, “Graveyard”!


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