The Lunar Keys

Hailing from London, The Lunar Keys are a four-piece band creating music that can be described as “alternative rock vs. neurotic pop”. They’ve just released their new single, “Oxygen Type”, so we caught up with band to chat about the song, The Lunar Keys’ beginnings, and their favourite – and least favourite – part of being musicians.

From The Strait: Tell us about the new single, “Oxygen Type”.

The Lunar Keys: The feeling you get to impulsively launch into the night, on a high, bursting with total excitement at living every breath of a prospective night out to the maximum. Experiencing the little disturbia that chimes with it.

“Oxygen Type” is the first time we all came together as a band to record in the Big London Studio.

It’s what we were missing . Rehearsals were kicking and demos were sounding sweet but all playing together in the studio is where the magic happened and no one can really explain, it’s how we roll.

FTS: How did The Lunar Keys become a band?

The Lunar Keys: The Lunar Keys are 4 anxious types from the suburbs of London with too many tunes and nervous energy trapped in our psyches not to be in this band.

Dom & JC were in a previous band…… but always wanted to form this type of band.

Lexi (Singer keyboardist) joined up and we found “The Steve” singing and playing in a Kingston Bar and realised he was the final Lunar Key.

FTS: Who were your musical influences growing up, and how do they differ from your current ones?

The Lunar Keys: Muse – Killers – Arcade Fire – M83 – The Strokes… Queen…

Current love Star Crawler – Yonaka – bit of Maneskin – Idles…..

FTS: All artists (save for the exceptionally lucky ones) experience writer’s block from time to time. How do you battle through a block when songwriting?

The Lunar Keys: Sometimes you have to trust the process of just writing something to complete it —
BUT!! When the inspiration comes (and it does) it’s like a wave of fire that you surf as long as you can to get the song/idea

FTS: What’s your favourite – and least favourite – thing about being a musician?

The Lunar Keys: Fav- The journey and spiritual connection also its entertainment (damn good for mental health). Everybody should be singing.

Least Fav – lack of purple smarties on Gig Riders

Check out “Oxygen Type”, the latest single from The Lunar Keys!