The Blues Emergency

Toronto rock band The Blues Emergency have just released their latest single, “Quicksand”, a song that offers commentary on the struggles of addiction, mental health, and homelessness. We caught up with The Blues Emergency to chat about the meaning and process behind the song, how they gauge success, and their bucket list venue.

From The Strait: Tell us about the new single, “Quicksand”.

The Blues Emergency: Quicksand explores the devastating effects of heavy drug addiction, mental health, and homelessness that increasingly plagues our society. The title is used as a metaphor for someone struggling with these issues as they sink deeper into an abyss of darkness with a feeling of no way out. The song is a call to action for people to come together and make a real difference in the lives of those struggling with these issues by giving them a day-in-the-life view. It’s easy to judge another person when you don’t have knowledge of their past.

The creative process behind our song began with Emir, who initiated the inspiration with a captivating guitar riff. This foundational musical idea served as the starting point for the entire composition. After Emir had a basic structure in mind, Andy and Emir proceeded to arrange the tune, shaping its initial form.

Once the instrumental foundation was laid, Andy quickly penned the lyrics and also played a crucial role in modifying the melody, adding depth and nuance to the overall musical narrative. This collaborative effort between Emir and Andy ensured a fusion of both instrumental and lyrical elements, creating a well-rounded piece.

As the song progressed, Marshall and John injected their distinctive styles, contributing signature licks and fills that complemented each other by adding a unique flavour to the composition.

From The Strait: If you could play a show with three other bands (with The Blues Emergency headlining, of course), who would you love to play with?

The Blues Emergency: Rival Sons, Alice in Chains, Led Zeppelin

From The Strait: What are some of the band’s non-musical hobbies?

The Blues Emergency: Reading, playing sports like soccer and basketball, boating and travelling.

From The Strait: How do you gauge personal success in music?

The Blues Emergency: Ultimately, success in music is a personal journey. As long as we find joy, purpose, and fulfillment in the music we create, regardless of external measures, we can consider ourselves successful. Being fulfilled creatively is one aspect of what we consider success. Growing as musicians, constantly improving our skills as songwriters, producers and instrumentalists is another form of personal success in music. Success can also be reflected in the emotional connection we establish with our audience. Knowing that our songs resonate and move the listeners is definitely another internal measure of success. In addition, positive reviews, awards, or recognition from music critics and industry professionals is another indicator of success.

From The Strait: If you could play any music venue anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

The Blues Emergency: It would have to be Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, Colorado. Known for its breathtaking natural surroundings, beautiful views of the Denver skyline, amazing acoustics and history, it sure makes for a magical venue for a live performance.


Check out “Quicksand”, the latest single from The Blues Emergency!


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