Ahead of their upcoming album, JUNO Award-winning Toronto alt-rock trio MONOWHALES have just released a brand new single, “RICH$$$”. We caught up with lead singer Sally Shaar once again, this time to chat about the new song, their upcoming tour (including their show here in St. Catharines at Warehouse), and their collaboration with Stefan from PUP for this new track.

From The Strait: Tell us about the new single, “RICH$$$”.

MONOWHALES: This track is a lighthearted one this time. A song about the people that make your life a better place. NOTHING is more important than those people.

FTS: Since our last Q&A with you back in February, live music has returned in big ways. You’re heading out on tour this fall (including a show here in St. Catharines at Warehouse) – what are you looking forward to most about playing live across Canada?

MONOWHALES:  Oh boy, we are foaming at the mouth. Our own HEADLINING tour. Our fans in a room together? It’s about to get weird in the best way. We can’t wait to mosh hard with our people. Needless to say we are all pretty excited.

FTS: For your new single, you collaborated with a favourite of ours, Stefan from PUP – what other artists and bands would you love to collaborate with?

MONOWHALES: It was so fun to work with Stefan, made this song extra special to have friends on it. I got my eyes on Wayne Coyne from The Flaming Lips but in general we’d love to collaborate with a lot of people. It’s always a good time.

FTS: If you had advice for new musicians starting out, what would it be?

MONOWHALES:  Be confident in yourself! You’ve got to believe in yourself first.

FTS: What are some of the band members’ non-musical hobbies?

MONOWHALES:  LOL not much. Although we all enjoy being out chilling in nature, we hope to do more of this. Personally though I’ve been working years on blowing spit bubbles off my tongue and into the air! I am finally starting to perfect it!

Check out “RICH$$$”, the new single from MONOWHALES!