Fortunate Losers

Hailing from Sudbury, ON, Fortunate Losers are an alt rock group who have seen a fair amount of success over the past few years, sharing the stage with some notable heavy hitters and household names. Their latest release, “Desire”, draws inspiration from 90s bands and invokes those familiar feelings of angst, while pairing compelling melodies with true rock edge. We caught up with Fortunate Losers to chat about the single and brand new video, the music venues on their bucket list, and the highlight of their career thus far.

From the Strait: Tell us about the new single, “Desire”. 

Fortunate Losers: Our New Single “Desire” is our first single off our forthcoming full-length self-titled album. It’s the first of eight songs recorded for our new record and we couldn’t be more thrilled at how well it’s being received. The new music is an evolution of our sound after years of touring our previous release “Cut Teeth”. With thousands of miles of road experience under our belts, a new drummer, and two years of rehearsing six feet apart (social distancing at its finest!), the new music has come together flawlessly with a little magic,  courtesy of our producer Steve Molella (Finger Eleven). 

FTS: The video is such a great match for the single – tell us about making it.

Fortunate Losers: The making of the music video for Desire was an amazing experience and chocked full of what will be life-long memories of making it happen with our team and Director/Editor, Rich Minster. We captured some wicked footage in front of a severely weathered drive-in movie screen on the outskirts of Midland, Ontario. The risk of being caught with our setup (and loud playback) in front of this huge screen in the middle of nowhere would be worth the trouble if we got busted, as it completely captured the energy Rich had visioned. (We didn’t get caught!) 

On the day of the shoot, there was massive rain in the forecast and it couldn’t have been timed any better. We all got completely soaked and it made for some pretty comical memories.   

FTS: What are some under-the-radar bands or artists you love, and want to share with our readers?

Fortunate Losers: Though I wouldn’t use the term “under-the-radar” we definitely can cite some bands we love to listen to. We are huge fans of The Dirty Nil, Anti-Queens, and Turnstile. 

FTS: If you could play any music venue anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Fortunate Losers: So many great venues to choose from! Madison Square Garden in New York, Wembley Stadium just outside of London, and Scotiabank Arena in Toronto would be on our bucket list. It would be amazing just to feel the energy playing in those venues. On a smaller scale, and one we feel is achievable now, is to play History in Toronto.

FTS: What has been the highlight of your musical career so far?

Fortunate Losers: The highlight of our musical career so far has been simply having our music genuinely connect with as many people as it has. We get to perform our music for amazing audiences and we believe that to be the true reward of even having a music career in the first place.

Check out “Desire”, the latest single from Fortunate Losers!