Canadian alt rockers Contour have just released their brand new ep, I Can See How This Ends. We caught up with the band members to chat about the new music, what they’re listening to lately, and how they’d curate their dream festival.

From The Strait: How did Contour get its start, and where did the name come from?

Kayle: I’ve been releasing music under this band name by myself for a while and I really just missed playing live shows and collaborating with others making music. So we’ve been playing together for a year now, really improving and diversifying as musicians. It’s been great
For the name, originally I just wanted a one word name, something indescript that people could form their own meaning to fit the band. So I guess that relates to the word Contour. As the years went on it became more of a term synonymous with makeup and that kinda sucks but oh well.

From The Strait: What can fans expect next from Contour?

Kayle:  We really want to focus on building a unique live show and doing something different so we’re focused on that right now but probably a full-length record down the road. We’ll do some singles and covers in between as well.

From The Strait: Tell us about the new EP, I Can See How This Ends.

Contour:  “I Can See How This Ends” is our first EP as a band. So it’s been great bouncing ideas off these guys and really honing these songs into a unique sound. We recorded/mixed this all in my basement over the last year. We wanted to really keep everything raw and not overly polished and produced. Above all we wanted this to be something different than what’s out there, diverse moods and feels for each song and thoughtful lyrics.

The EP is kind of lyrically centred around two things, being your own person and being a good person. The “I can see how this ends” is the negative side of that, when people can’t resist the influences that lead you away from those two things.

From The Strait: What are some Canadian bands you’ve been listening to lately?

Contour: Just went and saw the dirty nil last week. Huge fan of them, Pup, Flatliners, Billy Talent, there’s tons of good bands just in Ontario. We’ve played some recent shows with some awesome bands as well; Conversation, Lostvoy, Dammit Goldie and Judgement to name a few.

From The Strait: If you could curate a one-day festival (with you headlining, of course), who would you want on the bill and what would it be called?

Contour: Since there’s 4 of us, we’ll all give a couple picks.

Kayle: Maybe controversial but since this is hypothetical, me and mikey both say Brand New should come back. And then Radiohead for me because they’ve been on my concert bucket list forever. There’s no way I’d let us headline that. I’d call it “expired teens” or something like that 

Mark: It would be “Divorced Parents/Burnout Kid Fest” and it would feature Slipknot, Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Avenged Sevenfold, Demon Hunter, Bring Me The Horizon, Trivium, and Bullet For My Valentine

Dan: I’m with Mark on this one – gimme that nu-metal dadfest…same type of lineup (as I’m a big fan of all of those bands) but I gotta add in 5 Finger Death Punch to really punch-home (no pun intended) the Dadfest theme. Oh – and the crown jewel being SOAD to headline.

Mikey: Yeah, I would have UnderOath, The Used, Thrice, System of a Down and bring Brand New out of retirement


Check out “Death of a Friend”, from Contour’s new EP, I Can See How This Ends!

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