In this week’s 8 Tracks collection, we’re reviewing songs from many different genres, by artists from many different countries. Give ’em a listen and find a new favourite!

I, The Mountain – “I Swam”

It’s been awhile since we had I, The Mountain on FTS – we’ve been fans of these guys since we started the site, and they’re back with a new track, “I Swam”. As always, they bring their melodic indie folk to the masses with this lovely song.

Billy Edwin – “No More Clouds”

He’s a little bit punk, and a little bit country… whatever you want to call this sound, it’s great. Billy Edwin played in some killer punk bands, and now he’s gone solo with his new project – here’s his first song, “No More Clouds”.

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald – “I Love That Sound”

This song has such a lovely simplicity, but the musicianship really shines through. His vocals are so clean and perfect. Overall, just a wonderful sound.

Reid Henry – “Monster”

Here’s a song from the former guitarist of My Darkest Days & singer/songwriter of Deadset Society, Reid Henry. “Monster” is his latest single, reminiscent of some 90s Deftones mixed with early 2000s Three Days Grace. 

Supermutt – “Ain’t So Kind”

If you took the Trews, added a pinch of Queens of the Stone Age and a dash of Clutch, you just might find something similar to the sounds of Supermutt, in their latest song, “Ain’t So Kind”

This Is Falling – “Whisper”

When you think this is an indie rock song, the heavier riffs and vocals come in and make you change your mind. It’s catchy and melodic, yet heavy.

Stray Fossa – “For What Was”

A bit different than our usual shared song, Stray Fossa’s “For What Was” caught my attention with its soft vocals and bouncy beats. Give it a listen!

The Lookout Service – “When I Was A Young Man”

To finish off this week’s list, here’s quick tune from The Lookout Service – catchy, upbeat, and each verse has a different musical progression. A great way to kickoff your weekend! 


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