We’re shuttin’ April down with a collection of tracks that’ll keep you listening through May. Discover some new favourite bands in this week’s 8 Tracks!

The Criticals – “Talk Now”

Let’s kick it off with The Criticals and their new song, “Talk Now”. This is great pop rock – not too poppy, with the right amount of garage rock. They’ve matched fun guitar riffs with killer vocals, and a catchy chorus.

Fialta – “Made It This Far”

Fialta’s latest is a catchy, folk-pop-rock, feel-good track, a “a confessional, anthem about friendship & the struggle to find words amidst tragedy.”  Have a listen to “Made It This Far”!

Firemaid – “Changes”

Right off the bat, as the vocals started immediately, this is a song i knew would stick with me. Pop meets rock, with Leslie Feist-like lyrics, and an overall great song from Firemaid.

Eric Lewis – “Irrelevant”

Great energy, solid hook, plus killer riffs and vocals? I can’t find anything NOT to like about this song from Eric Lewis. Turn up “Irrelevant” and go check out more of his songs.

Vandalye – “Little Piggy”

Now for something a little different – hailing from UAE, here is Vandalye with a song that boasts elements of multiple genres, and a great twist ending. If you like unique sounds, this is for you!

Week Neez – “Good Boy”

A little fuzz and a lot of grit – “Good Boy” from Week Neez is immediately likeable. Great energy on this one, especially as it builds through the song. Catchy lyrics means you’ll be singing along before it’s over.

Western Automatic – “Lemon Party”

If you took Queens of the Stone Age and spliced them together with Foo Fighters, then added some indie sensibilities, you’ve have this tune. “Lemon Part” by Western Automatic is meant to be listened to LOUD. You just know this is a song that sounds great live.

Slim Tin Fox – “When I Get Off”

Here’s a new song from Ireland’s Slim Tin Fox. This is energetic as hell – I can only imagine how crazy a crowd would get during that chorus. Definitely getting some Iggy Pop vibes with this track. It’s gritty, and it’s great.


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