In our 13th 8 Tracks collection, we have a mix of genres for you to listen to. Check ’em out, and let us know which ones you like most!

Sea Girls – “Ready For More”

At first listen, this song sounded like what I imagine a mashup between The Strokes and The Smiths would be. Then the chorus hits, embracing some poppier vibes. Have a listen, and keep an eye out for Sea Girls’ upcoming album!

Evertide – “Dissipate”

The first song off of Evertide’s debut album has a bit of a throwback sound to it, like a lot of the alt rock that was released at the end of the 90s, beginning of the 2000s. Comparisons to Chevelle and Breaking Benjamin are pretty apt, and we’re diggin’ this track a lot.

American Authors – “Microphone”

American Authors gained a lot of success with their song “Best Day Of My Life”, and now they’re back with another alt pop tune. “Microphone” is catchy, boppy, and pretty damn infectious!

The Heavy Eyes – “The Profession”

If you’re looking for fuzzy tones and hooky vocals, you’ve found it right here. “The Profession” is The Heavy Eyes’ first single off their 4th album, and I’m looking forward to hearing the rest. Give it a listen!

Sass Jordan – “Leaving Trunk” (John Adam Estes Cover)

When I was growing up, my favourite thing was to play on the swing in my backyard and sing my face off. And some of those songs were by Sass Jordan. So it was fun for me to receive a submission for a song by Sass – in this case, a cover of John Adam Estes’ “Leaving Trunk”. Always a pleasure to hear those unmistakable vocals.

Seth Anderson – “Highway Lights”

Canadian musician Seth Anderson blends folk, alt country, and some punk vibes to create his own sound on his latest single, “Highway Lights”. It’s instantly likeable, with chorus that is likely to get stuck in your head.

The 5:55 – “Want More Of It”

This is a rock ‘n roll tune, through and through. Great guitar riffs, lots of energy, and a chorus that makes you wanna yell right along with it. Check it out, and let us know what you think!

The Exits – “Double Crosser”

The Exits are an indie-rock trio from Brooklyn, already making a name for themselves with their riff-fueled anthems. “Double Crosser” is a single from their upcoming debut EP.


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