8 Tracks

Your Sunday is in need of some great music, so we’ve got ya covered. Check out this week’s eight new tracks and mini reviews!

Born Lost – “Embrace”

This is a great, gritty rock tune. They wanted to make “rock with teeth”, and I think they did exactly that. Give it a listen and stay tuned for the guitar and drum solo. From the band: “this song is about frontman Lou Cuello’s life and frustrations that come along the way. How the everyday grind can weigh you down.”

JIGI – “Tonight”

We’re going “beyond the strait” for a new song all the way from Monaco – JIGI just dropped their latest track, “Tonight”. It’s a very cool indie rock sound with a bit of slow burn that makes it all the more interesting.

Lost In Japan – “Red Line”

Another solid track from Lost In Japan. This is such a perfect example of an indie rock tune that incorporates pop sensibilities in the best way possible. From their PR: “Lost In Japan return with their newest single “Red Line.” Inspired by tour life and being away from loved ones, “Red Line” begins with an incredibly upbeat and punchy drum groove that is soon accompanied by some infectious indie-pop melodies. Though inspired by a story of band life, Lost In Japan’s metaphorical lyrics provides listeners with a relatable depiction of love without sacrificing the likeable elements of their past releases.”

Indigo FM – “Daffodil”

For me, this has a definitely Strokes sound, but a more mellow, vibe-y version. And it’s pretty darn great. From the band: “Daffodil is a straight up indie rock track a la the Strokes with an ethereal and earthy melody that starts off intimate and dreamlike and explodes into pure Britpop-tinged melodic goodness. Musically inspired by the interlocking guitars of the Strokes and the melodic and harmonic leanings of britpop bands the likes of Oasis, combined with a powerful bass line and an assortment of vibey drum loops and punchy raw drums, Daffodil is a song that entices the listener throughout its peaks and valleys and takes you on a whimsical journey of self-discovery. “

Second Class Citizen – “Six”

Killer indie alt rock in this debut song by Canadian band, Second Class Citizen. Definitely looking forward to hearing more from them! From the band: “Six” is the bands debut single, and local fans have heard it and have loved it, making Second Class Citizen determined to get it to the next level of listeners.”

Simon and the Island – “Muse”

Simon Ward (of the Strumbellas) just released this gem of a song under his solo project, Simon and the Island. As always, his vocals shine bright, and the melodies are memorable. Give it a listen, and check out the cool lyric video below!

The Trusted – “Vellichor”

This is a great pop rock sound, mainstream enough to have mass appeal but still edgy enough to be a rock tune that fits our wheelhouse. From the band: “This is a song about nostalgia. It’s about using the past as a drug to combat the pains of today. The word ‘vellichor’ means ‘the smell of old bookshops.’ This song has nothing to do with the meaning of the actual word but more with the feeling it creates. Vellichor in this context represents ‘the smell of old emotions and the passing of time.’ The protagonist is unhappy and distraught with the way in which their life has turned out. They are horrified at the new world and long for a different time or a previous life.”

Jon Bryant – “Seafoam Green Apartment”

Let’s end this week’s list with a Canadian artist, and his lovely new indie folk tune. From the artists’ PR: “Striking a more reflective tone, “Seafoam Green Apartment” encourages listeners to get outside their comfort zone. It’s a relatable message for anyone who’s dreamed of a better life. The steadfast lyrics float over tender acoustics and building orchestrations to evoke resilience as Bryant croons that he’s Not giving up on us.”